Plowing Up the Field

Probably few readers are
interested in the mechanics of
pindmcing !be ABU, or eren
know when major changes have
been made in its appearance.
Mowever, we are certain readers who have been with us from
the beginning - whether they
observe changes or not—have
noticed, from time to time,
that the magazine looks less
and less like the six-page
mimeographed Vol. I, No. I of
1954. Which is by way of preambling that we've spent considerable time the last month
experimenting with some "new
looks" -- and this issue lathe
result. We hope you like it.
Actually, we hope we do, too.
We were pleased with the layouts, but until the magazine
is printed and assembled. we
can only guess at its completed appearance... 1 We might
add, for the information of
visitors to "Hart's Half-Acre"
the last two years, that in
our "spare time", we've also
made a few changes around the
place, too. Such as concrete
porches for the house -- both
front and rear -- in place of
the wooden platforms that almost threw you when they tilted
under your weight, a start on
concrete curbs to keep the
grass from choking the flower
beds, and a few dozen other
thises and thats in preparation for winter. Now, with the
cherry trees turning brown
from. the frost, the grass dormant, and Lucipuss pregnant
again even before she has gotten " Teufel" weaned, we can sit
back and forget the yard until
spring. We hope...

I Following some criticism
of his puartez'ly predictions
in The ABERREE, Jacob 4pmel of
Milwaukee, Wis.. filed a few
protests of his own with Lord
Krishna in "the Heaven World",
he writes, and wasn't satis12
!red with some of the replies.
So, being a man of strong convictions -- and anxious to give
ABERREE readers a FULL report
of what can /will happen to us
sapo-homiens -- Jacob broke communication, completely, with
his communicants. But not for
long. On the condition that be
"stop dictating policy (to the
Heaven World) from his sphere
of darkness", the "Radiant
One" (Lord Krishna- will be
back, as usual, in the January-February issue, with a
promise that future predictions will be a bit less nebulous and general in content.
So, you who were so critical,
if you find out there's going
to be a war, or some other
disaster hovers -- and you don't
like it -- just remember that
lOU asked for it. We -- and Jacob
-- will shake up two worlds,
the Seen and the Unseen, just
to please our readers. Hai
small degree, just how many
persons are sincerely hunting
help -- and how little help they
can get in a market that is
crowded with "aids" and "systems "
1 It may seem a bit late to
report this as news, but we've
only recently learned that
Dennis with and Jo c@ aidsink, U. S. visitors from Birmingham, England, were married
last spring in Los Angeles.
The Scientology-type ceremony
was performed by Auditor Julia
Lewis $almen, which was her
first appearance in this role.
1 "Lessons in Truth", by
H. Emilie Cady, is the only
book added to the Lending Library since the last report.
It was a gift of gamin ypDQBAld. of Fort Scott, Keg...
1 Visitors the last month
included j and who
B,ftliff, o Oklahoma City, hho
mopped around to see that The
ABEER88 keeps coming another
three years. Ernest was on va
cation -- but caught the editor the and putter up a sign at fhhome

to notify callers that the
building back of the house
is The /MME Annez•-where we
can be found at all hours-after closing the downtown printery. Darned if we weren't getting tired of people knocking
at the front door of the house.
and because no one answered.
going away with their subscription money still intact
in their billfolds. Now, with
the sign and the big red arrow, there is no longer any
excuse for a prospective subscriber getting away... 1 AUQt Bohn, the Denver stonecu ter who has made somewhat
of a success of printing-thehard-way as a hobby, sends a
card from Mainz. Germany, depicting the Gutenberg Museum,
which they visited. To see as
much as possible, they're doing it in a new Volkswagon, which
we suppose later will be part
of the Denver, Colo., traffic.
1 At the time this is written, we have the Welcome Mat
out for the expected visit of
Arthur and gnth Burks, as they
migrate to Arizona for a healing center of some type. But
what happens when and if they
arrive will have to be reported belatedly next month...
!Sometimes there's just no
guessing that our beloved boys
in gray. the postmen, will do
next. However, if some of you
wrote OM, using the address
printed in the last ABERRRE.
and your letters were returned,
be advised that it wasn't the
address that was faulty it's
just that apparently the New
York mail carriers know nothing of "Suns" other than the
one they call the Brooklyn
Bridge. Jeanne Duty, SPAN's
(not the ridges editor, when
told by first class (4g) letter that her ABERREE had been
returned (2g postage due 1,
opined she'd probably have to
fill out some forms, or something, in an attempt to educate the boys who cannot be
deterred from their appointed
rounds by snow, sleet, or rain
-- only by SPANs that don't
cross rivers... 1 Art poulter
writes that he's finding so
little time from his work with
Synergetics that be's dropping
his monthly column in The ABERROE. Which we regret -- but
maybe, as time goes on, Art '11
get ABLE as well as STABLE.
some of these days, and he can
take this stuff in stride. And
will be back. However, it seems
to be part of the occupational
hazard that when you set out
to help people -- honestly or
otherwise -- you wind up too
busy to do much for yourself.

Maybe that's why so many of
the self-styled "masters" (this Thanksgiving menus were indoesn't mean we're putting YOU vented when men hunted in a
in this classification. Art) free land -- not after women
get more and more down at their started shopping in supermoral heels, until they little markets.
resemble the wonderful advice -- - p +p
they're trying to peddle. Even Truth can't be given away,
tbo The ABE1iRFsE has no inten- but there is always a ready
tion of selling help or salve- market for falsehoods. Biggest
tion, we have discovered, to a lies get premium prices.