Volume 5, Issue 6, page 15

things that have startled even
me, who lived thru Dianetics
( tho just barelyl. Tho not in
the category of Wonders of the
Universe, I attended the unveiling of Totology under t h e
Welshes et al, and a couple of
months ago, I heard a Hubbardcertified 'clear' address the
CADA. I thought the boys were
real polite -- the CADA boys.
that is -- and as for the 'clear',
he was real polite, too,. but
ifhehad said 'Thank you' Just
once more during the evening,
I think I would have screamed.
I'm not the screaming type,
"I have also explored the
Self-Realization Fellowship in
Hollywood, Pacific Palisades,
and at Escondito, and have
talked to a lot of real renunciated renunciates. In the
language most of us understand,
we would call them 'dependency
cases'. In addition, I have
done alittle digging into Zen,
under Nyogen Sensaki (who re( `~ommercicl8
~Advetiammeab under this
bead:2t a ward, in advance.

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