Volume 5, Issue 6, page 14

"I've just spent some weeks
enroute to Arizona and back,
stopping a few days in Kansas
City, a few days in Madison,
Wis., and some 10 days in Wickenburg and Florence, Ariz.
I've just conducted over 40
readings f o r Zoe Nickerson,
being one of the few people
she can 'hear in the silence',
meaning whose voice she-will
answer to diagnose illness and
prescribe, a la Edgar Cayce,
and I now know what most of my
job will be hereafter. First,
a chapter or branch of Parastudy in Arizona; maybe several, with healing centers in
connection somehow. Parastudy
has risen around the Zoe Nickerson readings, you know, and
will surely expand into something tremendous soon.
"When Arizona it set , or
started, I'm planning to do
the same in Oklahoma...I trust
to start the thing in Enid,
maybe around people the Harts
"'The Invisible Woman', Zoe
Nickerson, just never make*
mistakes in her samadhi readings. The 'conscious Zoe is
just the gate and keeper of the
gate, and the readings can't
be influenced, tricked, doerced, or caused to misrepresent...
"Philip Friedman says everything returns to zero. Zoe
Nickerson in samadhi, according to him, is 'perfect zero'
from which nothing is hidden.
Notes that an 'r' in her name
would sake her 'zero'! " - - A rtkur Burks, Paradise, Penn.
"One of my good friends has
donated to the fund to send
books to libraries, and I see
in the last ABM that SECRET
listed as on your rental list
-- a good service, it strikes
me. So. I am sending along one
of each of the other books to
complete your set of four for
the library... Loved the article on the history of Dianetics, and will be watching for
the next part of it. Seems too
bad to me that such an exceptional chance to pass out
something really workable and
fine was so muffed. Too bad
also for the thousands who had
high hopes raised and failed
to get cleared.
"More power to your elbows
and the thrust of your pen --
and my admiring aloha."