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COLUMBUS, 0.. Sept. 1—The
Third Synergetic Workshop-held
in Columbus August 1 to 3 was
the best yet.

This was the "workshop of
Fulfillment". Nearly everyone
made major advances. Many achieved the "prime" state of being. Most thrilling of all. in
the closing days of the Workshop, a few individuals actually achieved the "stable"
state. What a joy this was to
those who beheld it.

A Synergetic "stable" is a
person who has cleared all his
impedances (aberrations) and
who also functions in the synergic mode 95 percent or more
of the time. This is not an
end state; all the "stables"
are in a state of accelerated
growth. There are no limits to
the degree of synergy that can
be achieved.

A Synergetic "prime" is a
person who has cleared most of
his impedances and who has entered a state of "accelerated
growth" toward "stable". Both
*prime" and "stable" are considerably in advance of the
present "norm".

Several have asked me what
the difference is between a
Dianetic "clear" and a Synergetic "stable". There i s'a
natural tendency to identify
the two, but there are differences. There are also, of
course, similarities.

Both "clear" and "stable"
have increased intelligence,
vigor, and well-being; both
are full of joy inliving. Both
are operating as "basic personality"; to use an excellent
Dianetic term. A "stable",
however, has in addition,
learned to use the synergic
^ode; be functions with high
synergy 95 percent or more of
the time, and the degree of
synergy is steadily growing.
Dianetic "clears " unless they
have studied and use Synergetlca, do not use the synergic
mode to any degree. Of course,
they, could learn to use it
quickly if they chose; many of
them simply have not beard of
Synergetics, or in a pre-clear
state, were adversely influenced by the technical language
with which it was originall°

Both Dianetic "clear " and
Synergetic "stable" are free
of reactions. This means both
are capable of functioning
with far greater effectiveness
than formerly, for time spent
in reactive behavior is time
wasted. And both are free of
the reactive effects of engrams -- recordings of painful
incidents of the past. A Synergetic "stable" is in addition free of " protodynes"-identic ^ode patterns formed
usually in response to chronic
situations rather than specific incidents. A Synergetic
"stable", therefore, has a
much deeper awareness of and
control over his "unconscious
mimi" .than does a "clear" and
has achieved a much higher degree of self-honesty.

Synergetics produced clears
as early as 1952, as reported
in my recent series of articles in these pages. But unless a clear has also eliminated his protodynes, his state
will not be a permanent one;
sooner or later be will encounter a tough situation, a
protodyne will take over, and
he will spin down.. This may
occur in a few months, or it
may not happen for s year or
two -- but when it does happen,
the going will be rough. A
protodyne is a mean baby, as
any "stable" will tell you!
Fortunately they can now be
cleared much more easily than
was formerly the case.

Both Dianetic "clears " and
Synergetic "stables " are wonderful human beings. But there
is one.more basic difference.
Dianetic clears are quite willing to identify -themselves as
clears in public; indeed, some
wear bracelets certifying to
their status. Synergetic stables, on the other hand, are
content to operate on the principle "By their acts shall ye
know them " .

Few persons recognize s
"stable" as such; they are
simply aware of being in the
presence of a likable, intelligent person. And that's the
way the "stable" prefers it.
He has no desire to be set
apart from other human beings.
because basically, be is as
human as they are -- and he loves

LOS ALTOS, Calif. -- As a result of the glowing reports
from Pat Buchan .and Dale Hutchins about the Columbus Workshop. Synergeticists in the Palo
Alto area (30 miles south of
San Francisco) decided to hold
a similar Workshop in that
area starting Friday evening,
Nov. 14, and lasting thru Sunday afternoon, Nov. 16. Those
wishing to attend should contact J. W.Wortaan, 774 Raymundo, Los Altos, Calif.
*oul'g secret a By REV. JACOB IRISTY
The fact that no single
hint of the essential coherence and unity of all actual
and potential manifestations
of cosmic phenomena was allowed to escape from the temples
into the market places, redounds not to the credit of
the Ancient Masters, but to
their dishonor.

It has remained for the
present century to posit the
fact of unity existing between
all possible phenomena. both
terrestrial and celestial .
This may be called "materialism", but it is a big factor
in the future development of
human progress and knowledge.

Unity appears to our senses
first as Materialism, and then
Materialism fades, dissolves,
evaporates, and we find ours e l v e s standing in that
strange, Celestian World of
the Ancient Masters which Paul
tries to explain in his terminology to his followers
(1 Cor. 15: 40-55).

As Prof.Hilton Hotema shows
in "Cosmic Creation", the first
real step in progress is to
recognize the fact of Unity.

When mental concepts are
unrelated and false hypotheses
cloud the mind, man sinks
deeper into the bog of his own
delusions and hallucinations.

The fatal error has been in
the drawing of a rigid line of
demarcation between the seen
and unseen, the terrestrial
and celestial. We must realize
as we study these things that
we behold in them nothing more
than the visible formations of
the things unseen.
(To be continued)
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