Volume 5, Issue 6, page 10

"Red" Goa f9r America — Insane Asyluns

Man's Compulsion to Control, Starting with Dawn of History, Finds a New
Weapon More Potent Than A- and H-Bombs: Mental Health, Book Reveals


ANYONE interested in knowing one way
that mind control is now practised
in the United States would certainly be startled by a small booklet,
"Brainwashing", which has just been put
out by Canadian Intelligence Service, of
Flesherton, Ontario, Canada. The booklet,
which is a synthesis of the Communist
textbook on "Psychopolitics", sells for
60 cents.

Commissar Lavrenti BerRa, former head of the
Soviet Secret Police, welcomed a group of American students at the Lenin University in
Moscow, as follows:
"With the institutions for the insane, you
have in your country prisons Mich can hold a
atilien persons, and can hold them without
civil rights or any hope of freedom. And upon
these 4soble can be practised shock and surgery so that never again will they draw a sane
breath.. .
"Y o u mest dominate as respected ven the
fields of psychiatry and psychology. You must
carry forward the myth that only a European
doctor is competent in the fields of insanity,
and thus excuse amongst you the hi,fh incidence
of foreign birth and training .. .

The textbook used by these students at Lenin University was "The Communist Manual of Instructions for Psychopolitical Warfare", and
this has also been identified as the textbook
used at a school in Milwaukee, Wis. -- RIGHT
HERR in the United States of America.

It is this textbook which has been briefed,
or condensed, into the little booklet, "Brainwashing", and I will give a few quotes from it
to illustrate just what advances have been
made in actually taking over the U.S. A. by a
group gvmen who are utterly hostile to everything at belongs to the old-fashioned American traditions of fair play and free enterprise.

In Chapter I, we find the definition of
Psychopolitics, as follows: "Psychopolitics is
the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties
of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses,
and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations thru Mental Healing."
The following extract from chapter III may
explain, in some degree, why the higher-ups in
Washington seem to be surrounded with assorted
"aides", whom they simply "can't do without":
"Communism could best succeed if at the
side of every rich or influential man there
could be placed a psychopolitical operator, an
undoubted authority in the field of 'mental
healing', who could then....upset the economic
policies of the country and, when the Use
comes to do auoy forever with the rich or influential aan.... administer the proper drug or
treatment to bring about his complete demise
in an institution as a patient or dead as a
Surely. anyone with eyes to see can observe
for himself the working of this part of their
plan occurring every day.

Next comes something straight out of L. Ron
Hubbard's "Black Dianetics". It is found in
Chapter IV:
"Without pain, there can be no desire to
escape from pain. Without the threat of punishment there can be no ain....Without rigorous and forthright control, there can be no
accomplished goals for the State."
And rounding this out, we find in Chapter
VI: "Only when a person has been beaten, punished, and mercilessly hammered can hypnotism
upon his be guaranteed in its effectiveness.
fhe subject of hypnotism is a subject of belief.... Despicable religions, such as Christianity, knew this...The earliest Russian psychiatrists.... understood thoroly that hypnosis
is induced by acute fear."
Why was Dianetics so fiercely resisted?
Chapter VI tells us that: "It is to the interest of the psychopolitical operative that the
possibility of curing the insane be outlawed
and ruled out at all tiles."
This, of course, "can't happen here" -- so
you may say, because first a person has to be
judged insane before he can be worked on. So.
Chapter V tells us carefully how to determine
who is insane, and furthermore, how to help
any desired group towards insanity, if deemed
"Any man who cannot be persuaded into Communist Rationale is, of course, to be regarded
as somewhat less than sane, and it is, therefore, completely justified to Use t&e techniques ofinsanity upon the non-Communist...."
"Under the saccharine guise of assistance
to them, rigorous child labor laws are the
best Beans to deny the child any right in society. By refusing to let his earn, by forcing
his into unwanted dependence upon a grudging
parent....the child can be driven in his 'teens
into revolt. Delinquency will ensue...."
"The handling of youth cases by courts
should be led ....into 'mental problems'.until
the entire nation thinks of 'mental problems'
instead of criminals. This places vacancies
everywhere in the courts.... Which could then
be filled with psychopolitical operators....
into their hands comes the total control of the
criminal, without whose help a revolution cannot ever be accomplished."
Perhaps you may nave wondered now and then
why there seems to be a constant effort to degrade various national leaders and national
institutions, and soon? Why this current drive
to equalize everything -- hold back the bright
student to the pace of the dullest, etc.?
Chapter VIII spells this out for us: "In order
to be conquered, a nation must be degraded....
Continual and constant degradation of national
leaders, national institutions, national practises, national heroes must be systematically
carried out. Phe first thing to be degraded in
any nation is the state of Nan, himself. lations which have high ethical tone are difficult to conquer. It must be educated into a
populace under attack that every individual
within it who rebels in any way, shape, or
fors against efforts and activities to enlave