Volume 5, Issue 5, page 8

By Rev.

As far back as mind can reach into the files
of historic records, man has always believed
in a dual world—terrestrial and celestial
(1 Cor. 15:40. 48, 53-55: 2 Cor. 4:18; 5:11.

These dual phases of existence have been
departmentalized and classified as belonging
to different and irreconcilable spheres; but
we have learned that they are only two aspects
of the Unit.

Even in those distant days when the schools
of the Ancient Mysteries were directing the
fundamental affairs of man, the vested interests, represented by a powerful hierarchy,
were extremely adverse to divulging to the
ignorant and gullible multitude any hints of
this closely-guarded secret of Unity.

The fool will ask: "What was the reason of
that?" It is always a condition necessary for
the protection of the higher facts of Life,
which soon degenerate into errors when revealed too soon to those not prepared to receive the higher knowledge.

It is most difficult to confine the facts
of Life to any formula, as these facts can so
easily be distorted into monstrous delusions
by the use of words in the hands of a sophist,
and, conversely, so can monstrous delusions be
clad in a cloak of apparent facts, as in the
case of "medical art".

To the ultimate analysis, scholastics
brings only words, which are human inventions.
By its very nature a word is an instrument of
paradox, and no better example of this can be
found anywhere than in the case of medicine,
which teaches that poisoning the body is good
for the sick but not good for the well.

Any theory can be defended by means of argumentation. This is so because all systems
deal not with realities reaching our consciousness by themselves, but only with their oral
(To be continued)
hale completely... inhale...exhale (go
limp as you let the air out)... and once
again inhale...exhale. Be thoroly relaxed.

On a clear cloudless day, as we look
upward, we see beautiful smooth, peaceful
space. Now, we know our head is on our
shoulders,but where our head is, let us
visualize it as space—space, space,
peaceful space. Where your arms and chest
are, let that, too, become space. Down to
the waist, let there be space -- from your
waist to the top of your head, only space.
Down to your thighs...to your knees,..let
that, too. become space. Down your legs
and feet, so that your whole body -- from
the bottom of your feet to the top of
your head -- is only smooth, peaceful,
harmonious space.

And now, aitho you are sitting on a
chair, let that chair also become space.
You can feel the floor, move your feet
around, know that you are in a room -- but
let that, too, become space, so that there
is nothing but space. Out somewhere in
space, you, too, are part of this beautiful, smooth, peaceful space.

New, let us ask our "E" to come in and
prepare us for Therapy. We will repeat
this three times, and then allow five
minutes for the preparation, quietly remembering that we are beautiful, smooth,
peaceful space. Nobody ever heard of
"tired space", nobody ever heard of "sick
space " . Smooth, peaceful space—that's
all there is. Repeat, three times: "Please,
'E', come in and prepare us for therapy."
After a five-minute interval, we will
ask our " E " to apply therapy in us where
it is most needed. After asking "E" three
times, we will remain thoroly relaxed for
15 or 20 minutes, while NE" administers
this therapy. During this therapy, if you
feel strong vibrations, heat, pressures,
or any other unusual sensations, mention
them for evaluation by the leader of the
group -- but keep it brief. In all cases,
if these sensations are not too painful
or distressing, dwell in them -- it is therapy applied.

Now, repeat after the leader, "Please,
'E', apply therapy in me where it is most
needed." Repeat three times, and wait another 15 or 20 minutes for the therapy.
After this, if all are ready, we can bring
the session to a close. If there are any
who would like to linger in therapy a bit
longer, say so. If not, with your eyes
still shut and with the continued feeling
of thoro relaxation, thank "E" for the mentioned so that we will find ourselves
wonderful therapy he has effected. This, back in the present -- the "now".
too, is repeated three times, after which To use E-Therapy is in no way an indiyou offer thanks to our All-High-God for cation that you are sacrificing your realHis compassion for mankind in which He ity or individuality. When Man learns how
has delegated part of,Himself to minister to operate his own body biologically and
unto us in our manifold needs. Repeat chemically 24 hours a day, only then can
this "Thanks" three times, as before. he say, "I am a Thetan, a Clear, a God
With our eyes still shut, we will re- Incarnate. I depend only on myself."
turn to the room, and when we open our It is most unfortunate that our most
eyes, we will find ourselves here in this brilliant minds possess so much knowledge
day. It is important here that the day be that they bypass God, the Creator!