Volume 5, Issue 3, page 18

rather an overall condition of with many people. 2. That the period of religious asceticism.
exsanity; therefore general causes of aberration can be Internal aberration is n o w
aberration was a natural con- removed. comfortable. BY that I mean I
sequence in many a past mil- "Aberrations seem to arise have the tools to examine and
lenium, but we must not forget from two sources: Personal im- alter such prejudices and habwe are still sane enough, if mediate experience, and out- its as become annoying to mywe only try, to enter sanity side social pressure; or, in self, if I wish to do so. This
once and for all, other words, from inside the is a very great advance.
"on the other hand, if we skin or from outside of it. "But the second cause of
do not try, the chances are it This was essentially Korzyb- aberration -- the social causes
will transpire violently, or ski's statement of the prob- -- remain beyond reach. One of
else logic is bare of all lem. However, it has come to the greatest is the crushing
meaning. The Russian revolu my notice that new develop- of a baby's curiosity by its
tion was not of Bolshevik de- ments in neurology have led to parents. The effect is to lowsign ; it happened, as Ouspen- a new theory of mental func- er the intelligence of that
sky would say, because the tion which differs in impor- baby when it grows up. It may
people's vision and determina- tent aspects from Korzybski's then use inappropriate means
tion was psychically overripe , view. Korzybski, it will be to gain its ends, becoming a
as even in China, but less so remembered, offered his ideas criminal at worst, or at best,
in the various satellites, nor an introduction only and becoming some kind of social
can the world revolution be did not intend to become the worker -- minister, doctor, encompleted by the best of man- center of a rigid dogma. gineer, educator, etc. -- but
designed strategy nor can the "The magazine PANORAMA car- doing the work at 3% mental

same or similar wishes be prerica an article entitled `New efficiency.
vented to come to fulfillment. Light on the Brain' by Francis "The question arises Is
The psychic agent within every Belle. In the new theory, the inefficiency an aberration? I
person must have divine co-op- thalamus and the deeper sec- have been playing with the noeration in order to overcome tions of the brain play a far tion that the world is adjustastral influences, which ruled more important role than pre- ed to aberration, and removing
man's inner life for eons past, viously held. very interesting aberration would cause many
for this very purpose, both experiments on nerves, elec- people to go hungry. If abereast and west, are instrumen- tric shock effects, etc., are rated waters did not write,
tal just as they are now. They revealed and evaluated. the makers of paper and ink
serve like two legs, on which ''It is of interest from the would be out of a job. If parfuture policy-makers must be semantic viewpoint that in the ents and teachers did not abable to stand, in order to newer development, terminology errate the kids, the psychorend the forces of passion and is closer to that used by PaY- therapist would be out of work.

compulsion serviceable for chology. Older material lies
peace and harmony... If the farmer did not misman" deeper , literally in neural- age his farm, the politician
The foregoing are my points ogy, figuratively in psychol- would have no political issue.
why the title ABERREE ought to ogy. It seems probable that