Volume 5, Issue 3, page 17

read various theories for years
and years, as I have, you get
to the point when you ask,
'Does it matter anyhow?'
"Suppose there are little
people living below the surface of the earth; suppose
minds did use many ways to get
bodies -- what possible use can
we make of it,
''l sweat proportions of
50% useful information, 25%
fantastic, and 25% news, would
be an acceptable diet. In useful information it would be
nice to have articles dealing
with processes successfully
used to change various states,
both on the physical and mental level, i.e., how rheumatism has been cured or a mental attitude changed, etc. (I
might even send you an article
myself if you are interested.)
(ED.NOTE -- We are, definitely.)
For the 25% fantastic ration.
there seems to b e no e n d of
people supplying this. Your
problem would be in keeping it
to 25%. In the 25% of news,
letters are fine, but how nice
it would be to get some real
information about the present
work of people in the field of
mental health. Real news of
Ron Hubbard would be interesting. All we have had for ages
have been jibes against him.
How about finding his present
approach to things and reporting without judgment? We know
he has so far omitted to be
perfect but I know quite a few
people like that and some of
them have had very useful
ideas, even if they don't practice them themselves." -- A. L.
Rogers, Lyndhurst, Walsall,
"Received the Aberree and
find that it is still in the
groove...As to change of name,
I suggest DEVIATION. As everyone deviates from everyone
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development method ever devised. Moneyback guarantee!
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JUNE, 1958
else and one theory from another, I believe that the suggested name would suit more
people as everyone really wants
to be different from everyone
else but does not want Aberree
tied to them as that dubs them
as mental psychotics, or at
least aberrees from a mental
standard hardly sufficient to
keep one from a mental institution, or at least insinuating a mentality headed for a
mental institution.
"The various cults and isms
noted in your sheet are deviations one from the other but
no mental quirk is intimated,
just free expressions of opinion. Aberree deals with aberrations, but aberrations of
what? One would have to note a
standard of thinking in order
to have aberrations therefrom.
"I am not sold on the trip
to the moon via swanback. Maybe it should be zwieback? There
is one difference between Little One and Bridey Murphy.
Bridey volunteered the information; Little One was sent
out on a definite mission and
the subconscious mind will always endeavor to please the
auditor by bringing what he
wishes. I have done regression
work while working with Dianetics and I have a friend who
is doing the same thru hypnosis. He is also developing
clairvoyant faculties in severalttf