Volume 5, Issue 3, page 14

has significance. Again, there "Paul in his Epistles re- was to be the ruler of the world
was a High Priest named Jesus fers to Jesus as being made thru being anointed by God.
who was assassinated by his accursed under the law by be- "King Hezekiah actually was
predecessor, which made the ing hanged on a tree; which born of a virgin. Under the
name logical for an individual crucifixion always seems to fertility cult practiced by
holding an office which corn- have taken place after death King Ahaz, his mother as an
mitted him to seek martyrdom, through stoning, and seems to Almah, a young woman of marFinally, the name means 'Jahn have been reserved for indi riageable age, went to the
is salvation', and it was thE viduals convicted of blasphemy temple to offer up her virginlogical name to be borne by an for exercising the right re- ity as a sacrifice by serving
individual having the authori- served to the High Priest of as a sacred prostitute; a n d
t y to pronounce the name for pronouncing t h e unspeakable the King, in purchasing h e r
the salvation of Israel. name. In the Gospels, Jesus is virginity, became the vehicle
"The trial and crucifixion not regarded as being accursed for consummating a sacred marof Jesus, as described in the under the law; he is honored riage between Jahu-Baal and
Gospel, could not very well by burial rites conducted by Astarte or Ashtoreth, whereby
have taken place. A Jewish members of the official San- the child conceived as the
court would not have anything hedrin as a martyr who died at firstling opening the womb beto do with an execution admin- the hands of the Romans for came the property of Jahu-Baal
istered under Roman law, and the profanation of the name. to be burned alive in the
when a Jewish High Priest held Again, raul preaches a resur- fires of the Tophet, and he
a trial in a manner violating rection of a body spiritual, was able to live to an age
the Law of Moses as the trial which is an entirely different where he could eat butter and
of Jesus did, we find the or- kind of resurrection from the honey by virtue of the child
thodox Jewish Rabbis taking im- one described in the Gospels. of a slave being slaughtered
mediate steps to depose the It would seem that the un- as a substitute so he could
High Priest Ananias, the son written gospel preached by live to become the King.
of Caiaphas, who condemned Paul was a narrative based on "In Matthew and Luke we have
Saint James to death from his the life of the founder of the the life of Jesus described as
office. Essenes, so phrased that it if he was a reincarnation of
"At the present time, Jew- would sound to the uninitiated King Hezekiah, coming back to
ish writers seem to be prone as a straight historical new- be born of a virgin and be
to claim Jesus as a Jewish rative, but could serve as an sacrificed in a different way,
hero. In times past, over a allegory for teaching the Kun- and there is added to the old
long period of years, Jewish dalini science to those under- allegory of the Kundalini scitheologians consistently main- going preparation for baptism. ence a second allegory, in
tained the opinion that the The Gospel of Mark, which was which Hezekiah personifies the
founder of Christianity was written by Mark on the basis Jewish nation being sacrificed
crucified from fifty to one of the narratives of Peter, in the many crucifixions takhundred plus years before the seems to be this unwritten ing place in the Jewish war
date of the Gospel narrative. gospel reduced to writing and rising again tobe a religion
One view is that he was cruci- illustrated by incidents wit- for_4be Oeatflo.
fied early in the reign of nessed by Peter tang blaee The Pharisees, following
King Herod, and another view in the life of James. In Mat- the teaching of Hillel, himis that he was crucified in thew and Luke we see the Es- self a greater teacher than
the time of the High Priest senic movement taking a dif- Confucius, interpreted the Law
Aristobulus, prior to the in- ferent form as a result of the of Moses as an ethical system.
vasion of Palestine by Pompey. element brought into it by Paul. The Essenes treated the Torah
"We find the following "Hillel, the founder of as a collection of Taboo s
words in the Talmud: 'Jesus modern Rabbinical Judaism, which they had to have in orthe Nazarene was crucified on taught that there would be no der to practice the Kundalini
the eve of Passover. And for Messiah because King Hezekiah science just as Pythagoras had
forty days the criers walked was the Messiah. Hillel un- to provide his disciples with
before him thru the streets of like later Jewish authorities, prohibitions against eating
Israel, saying, "Because Jesus therefore accepted Isaiah 7-11 beans and the like. Paul was
the Nazarene has wrought iniq- as a Messianic prophecy. Hez- responsible for bringing in
uity and has led Israel astray, ekiah was 11 years old when something unique. The idea was
let him be stoned. If anyone the prophecy 'Behold a virgin that the law should be an ethhas anything to say in his de- shall conceive and bring forth ical system, but it was not to
fense let him come forward." ' a son and she shall call his be practiced for the sake of
"Now this sounds like the name Emanuel' was made, but being self-righteous or of beGospel narrative but it de- this does not matter, since in ing a do-gooder. but was to be
scribes a crucifixion of a man the Hebrew language the future treated asa set of taboos necafter he has been stoned to tense is used for past, pres- essary for practicing a Kundadeath in full accordance with ent, and future time. Hillel lini science or at least being
Jewish law, in a manner which seems to have considered that made partakers of the benefits
could not have taken place the Jewish people became a of a Kundalini science thru
under Annas and Caiaphas but Messianic race under the rule sacramental ministrations.
could have taken place at a of King Hezekiah, designed to "Finally, in the Gospel of
prior time. There is also be an example to the world of John we have a supplement to
mention in the Talmud of a Je- a people living under ethical the other three where the neosus ben Pandira. Whether there principles. It was not until Platonic element that was in
was a Jesus .e Nazarene who much later that the Jews bor- the Essene movement along with
founded the Lussenes and was rowed fro the Christians the the neo-pythagorean element,
crucified under Aristobulus idea ofa .,arsonal Messiah com- was developed and brought out.
and a later Jesus ben Pandira ing at the end of the world; the "One element should not be
who was crucified under Herod, First Century idea of the Mes- overlooked. We cannot conclude
or whether both were the same siah or Christ was that the High that the sayings quoted in the
man really doesn't matter. Priest and King of the Jews Gospels were conscious fabri14 The AB ERR EE JUNE, 1958