Volume 5, Issue 3, page 12

priest to be exorcised... One
by one my friends have left me
until, alas! all I have left
is a copy of The ABERREE. Truly
a 'hermit soul, living withdrawn, in the smug place of
self-content! '
"Recently, to bring you up
to date, a minister from one of
the local churches with whom I
am familiar (the minister, not
the church), told me that The
ABERREE is better off dead!
That it was dangerous! Having
a flair for risks, it's like
telling a little kid not to
eat candy because it isn't
good for him...
"Y'know, I sort of like being aberrated, and partial to
the title. The articles are
'up and coming', rather than
'down and going', as a certain
element in our society would
like to think they are. They
are going to have to run us
down on Doom's Day and club
us, because we are not easily
killed, we intellectuals. Your
material reflects a wide variety of thinkers who are just a
little bit out of the ordinary, and occasionally,' way out
there. Clear to Zydokumzruskehen and back. The sky is the
limit. Your clientele 'dare'
to think differently.
'The ABEIiREE represents those
who are weary of being'The
Woman's Howe Companion', and
are now ready for anything',
even The ABERREE. The first
words I gasped when I saw my
first copy of The ABERREE several years ago were 'My God!
What's that!' What makes it so
nice is that I still haven't
found out just exactly what it
is, and I ^ay have to subscribe to it for several lifetimes before I find out."