Volume 5, Issue 3, page 4

is it that governs our position in space?
It is our natural acceptance of the state
or position. Try this: At night, after
you have revised your day, and have lain
down into a state of peace and inner
calmness, when you have lost your identity and idea of egoistic being, FEEL as
tho you have whatever you want to have in
life, or whatever you want to be. Feel it
from the state of desire fulfilled. Be so
intense that when you think back to your
body in bed, you are surprised to find it
there rather than in the place or position that you have vividly imagined. Just
as you can vividly imagine yourself at
any point on earth, or in any state of
life, you are there in the psychological
sense. Remember, live from the state,
rather than day-dream of it.

Desire is the only force which moves
the universe. Your world, and mine, is
the product of our imagining and our believing; therefore, if we can change our
believing, we can change our world .