Volume 5, Issue 2, page 16

completely cured within less
than two months of electropsychometric approach, and that
she had endowed funds for the
construction of a $250,000
clinic, comprising facilities
both for electropsychometric
processing and for establishing an institute of electropsychometry for the training
of doctors." -- Volney Mathison,
Los Angeles, Callif:

"Thank you for your letter
to Station KTLA in regard to
subliminal communication. It
could be that it proved to be
the protest that overbalanced
the scales in favor of rejection of the experiment...
"Thank you for the editorial of the March Aberree. It
is pasted in a book I call
'Diamond Points'. These a r e
the immediate bits of Truth
that are made available to me
for the excavations of the
smelly, musty bones that my
ego has buried deeply, but
which I'm forced to carry
around and which really take a
diamond point to uncover." --
Louise Mock, Santa Ana. Calif.
"Just finished reading the
April issue of your wonderful
little ABERREE, and the only
thing I can find wrong with it
is IT'S TOO DARN' THIN. I wish
it was as thick as Webster's
dictionary every month. (ED.
NOTE: If it were, I'll bet the
rest of this paragraph wouldn't long be true.) It seems I
just get started and I'm finished. I've never seen time
can stabilize in the synergic
mode for about $5. We take
great pride in this, and believe it to be unmatched anywhere. Psychoanalysis, for example, costs around $5,000 and
does not even produce stables.
In fairness to psychoanalysis,
it must be acknowledged that
psychoanalysts have to start
with patients much lower in
mode than the average Synergeticist. It also should be
emphasized that Synergetics is
not a psychotherapy and does
not purport to treat or cure
neuroses, psychoses, or psychosomatic disorders. We deal with
the average aberrations of average (or higher) individuals.

Needless to say, the emergence of stables has aroused
much interest and excitement
among Synergeticists. There
are, to my personal knowledge,
at least four other Synergeticists who are close to this
state, and to see this happening to beo,le you know is
highly exhilarating.
fly as fast as when I'm reading it. BY the way, I read
each issue over 4 or 5 times,
cover to cover...
"The NAAP can go plumb to
h -- - with their literature as
far as I'm concerned... As the
old saying goes, they can lead
me to water, but they can't
make me drink." -- Vern J. Texter, Pottersville, N. P.
"Glad to see two of my favorite interests getting considerable