Volume 5, Issue 2, page 12

oui'o secret 4 4 By REV. JACOB KRISTY
ED. NODE -- The story of Jesus -- is it fable, sy, bol, or
history? Must it eventually join Santa Claus and the Easter
Bunny as we grow to maturity? We don't know -- and we doubt
if one more expose( of some of the religious crimes committed by orthodox churches will change any minds—either way.

Paul also referred to the
two bodies of man as natural
and spiritual (1 Cor. 15:441.

The natural body corresponds to the world of nature.
It is the visible body which
we see, and "the things whict
are temporal", said Paul
(2 Cor. 4:18) .

Paul then described the
eternality of the celestial
Body in these words: "We know
that if our earthly house
(terrestrial body) were dissolved, we have a house (celestial body) not made with
hands, eternal in the heavens"
(2 Cor. 5:1).

T he celestial body, also
called the spiritual body, is
the Astral Ego, the spark of
Life, Solar Essence, Flame Divine, Eternal Man, who is born
not and who dies not.

Paul never used the term
"soul", and neither did the
Egyptian masters. That term
appears in the first book of
the Bible (Gen. 2:71, and was
invented by the "pious" biblical makers as they built up
their fraudulent system to enthrone the church and to enslave the masses.

The word • soul" was coined
by the biblical makers from
"sol", which means sun, and
then this "soul " was shrouded
in mystery and darkness. No one
knew what it was, yet the biblical makers said it could be
"saved" or "lost", depending
on one's belief.

Then the process of saving
or losing this mysterious
" soul" was presented to the
world in this fraudulent statement ;
"God so loved the world
that He gave His only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth
in Him should not perish, but
have everlasting life." ( J n .

A great reward for one to
receive as payment for the
little effort expended in entertaining a certain belief!
To have faith in that fraudulent church dogma requires a
weak mind steeped in darkness.

It does seem impossible
that people should be so well
deceived, so weak mentally, so
lacking in intelligence, knowledge, and understanding, that
they c an be led to believe
that Life is not ruled by law,
but by what a man believes.
(To be continued)
COLUMBUS. Ohio, April 1 --
In my previous column, I reported that a man, S-1, had
stabilized in the synergic
mode -- the first Synergetic
stable in human history. Since
then -- on March 6 -- another stable has been reported. We refer to her as S-2. She reports
many of the same phenomena
described by S-i -- complete
freedom from all aberrations
(reactions and protodynesl ,
relaxation of many little previously unnoticed body tensions, eidetic recall, increased control over body processes, increased intelligence, and many other remarkable phenomena. I have not yet
had the opportunity to see S-2
and cannot yet personally attest to her state; but I have
seen S-i and can vouch for the
truth of many of the things he
says. I have no reason to doubt
the truth of all; I simply
have not yet had the opportunity to examine him as fully as
I would wish. But there is no
question that a remarkable
change has occurred in both
S•l and S-2. Interacting with
both, by letter and by tape,
has been the most electrifying
experience of my life.

Both S-1 and S-2 praise
Synergetic tools highly and
used them primarily -- especially Schedule B. However, it is
only fair to say that they
both feel the techniques of
other schools have considerable value. S-1, for example,
made some use of Dianetics,
Gestalt therapy, and psychoanalysis; S-2 found some of Jim
Welgos's lessons helpful. Both
praise General Semantics high•

I hope I will be forgiven
There exist in our society
relatively few systems entire
and accurate enough to take
t h e individual thru to optimum. Of these, in my opinion.
General Semantics is immensely
practical, particularly f o r
those who cannot have assistance from another person.

Altho this discussion is so
short as to be nearly useless
for increasing consciousness
of the process of abstracting,
here is a very light description :
We live primarily in a world
of words. our attention, purpose, and action is preponderantly bound up in thought and
in labeling our reactions to
this jerry-built structure.

Fantastically different and
entirely separate from the
world of words is a world of
sensory reports. Our eyes,
nose, ears, and other senses,
including E. &P., bring us reports of what is outside our
skins. These reports are put
together and become in the
brain an apparently solid and
v e r y "real" universe. O f
for emphasizing the low cost
of the Synergetic program (Operation Stable). Working alone ,
without a coach or auditor,
using the "do-it-yourself"
kits, the average individual
course, each nervous system
builds for itself a very different picture out of the same
reports. Three persons examining an object produce three
different pictures of it.

Obviously, again, a person's sense-picture is not the
thing "out there" reported
from. He has only the reports
from which to manufacture the
picture. If his reports cease
to come into the brain, the
"object" ceases to exist for
him. Even with intensive extra•
sensory perception, it remains
perception, and not the thing
the perceptions come from. So
there is a third world so different from sense reports that
the latter's difference in
turn from the world of words
begins to pale. This unperceivable something, this world
of the event itself, separate
from sense impressions, is the
vast singleness the mystic attempts to know' when he becomes
conscious o f the tremendous
sel f-limitation of .living
within either of the other two
worlds .
MAY, 1958