Time Changes All Things

Even a Pre-clear's Goals Aren't the Same After 150 Years



Dear Art--

This is to call your attention to the fact you are doing the gravest injustice to those you label Synergetic "Clears", or "stables". Why should you send them out into the world without proof of their higher ability, when many of those they meet won't know the difference between ability and an advertising folder by the same name? How can the world recognize them for what they are when all they can do is things they've never been able to do before?

I'd like to call your attention to how L. Ran Hubbard has solved this problem beautifully. In Issue 67 of his copyrighted advazine, he reveals that all "clears" henceforth will be issued identification bracelets onwhich the trademark "LRH" will be engraved.. With these, if someone tells you he is a "clear", you can make him prove it by showing his bracelet and a signed receipt for $15. This should be much more effective and convincing than performing some physical or mental feat.

As you must admit from your early association with Diane tics, Art, some such evidence of ability long has been needed in Scientology, and we publicly wish to pay homage to the mind that could come up with this coup degrace to all doubters and skeptics. Maybe this will prod you into offering some idea of your oun for identifying those in Synerge tics who claim to be "clears" or ".stables". It's pretty much a certainty that these bracelets have been copyrighted, patented, and registered -- with all rights reserved -- and are obtainable ONLY by certified purchasers who can say 'Ron sent me" thru the peep-hole in Woolworth's bargain basement in Washingtone, Den of Congresses.

Editor, The ABERREE

When John Smith heard about Dianetics in 1950, and read "The Book", he, in an aberrated sort ofway,wantedtobeaclear.He wanted his I. Q. raised 25 points, so he could make more money. He wanted to be free of psychosomatic 111s, so he could make more money. He wanted survival on all four dynamics, so he could make more money. So he studied "The Book", subscribed to The Auditor's Bulletin, audited and co-audited, had a few of his engrams erased--and came to a halt. No more engrains showed up. Could it be that they were all erased? Was he a clear?

John had quit getting sick, and his salary had been raised. His emotional problems were clearing up. Perhaps, even, his I.Q. was a little higher -- there was no way of telling. But he still wore glasses. His knees still ached in damp weather. His bowling score was no better. No, he reluctantly admitted to himself, he wasiet a clear--nor anywhere near one.

About this time, new techniques began poppingup--AdvancedProcedure,E-Therapy, Analytical Procedure, ElectropsychometrY, Humanics, Scientology, Synergetics. John tried them all and he still wasn't a clear. So, one by one, he abandoned them. But by this time he had soaked up so much that he began putting the fragments together and he evolved techniques of his own-- do-it-yourself techniques that he could do without an auditor.

These techniques were successful, in a minor sort of way, but, more than that, John found them interesting. So he continued his self-imposed regime, gradually refining it, and becoming more and more adept in its practice. He knew it didn't really amount to anything, but he enjoyed it and kept it up until it became a habit.

John figured out simple ways of making money enough to meet his and his family's expenses in an hour or two a week. He was able to discard his glasses. His bald spot grew smaller, and the gray hairs fell out and grew back brown. He outlived his parents and three wives. When the atomic wars flared up, John had had the foresight to be in a country which was not involved. At the age of 150 , he was °lost at sea" and a few months later he showed up in Australia with a new set of fingerprints and a cleverly forged birth certificate indicating his age was 25. Soon thereafter he was established as successful speculator in grains.

In an antique shop in Sydney one day. George Brown (he had a new name, too) stumbled on an old, beat up, dog 'eared volume entitled, "Dianetics the Modern ScienceofMentalHealth".'Perhapsthe title pushed a button, for he bought the book, took it home, and sat down to read.

After reading awhile, George closed the book, shut his eyes, and silently mused: "It would surely be wonderful to be a clear: photographic memory, wisdom, kindly love for humanity. These are attributes I've never had. Oh, I suppose that when I was younger, I had an urge to help my fellow man, but it's too dangerous. I remember the time I told that one-eared, bald-headed, five-foot, 120-pound Chinese how to cure himself of lung cancer and they tried to jail me for practicing medicine without a license. If I had had wisdom, I might have been able to save his life., but why? Earth is too crowded as it is. But that photographic recall, in colors! I could use that. Yes, it would surely be wonderful to be a clear!"

George opened the book and read on.