Volume 5, Issue 2, page 8

keep you from talking about me again."
The boy of 4 is using another body, but
he isn't talking either.

Many times, knowing the cause of such
as the above will enable the inquirer to
do what is necessary to release one from
such a present-time difficulty. This is
the province of the psychometrist, since
the cause shows clearly in most cases.

Another unique request contained no
questions, just a stating of the difficulty. The woman who inquired seemed like
the best type of person -- beset by one who
made a business of being impossible.

The inquirer wanted to get along with
an impossible mother-in-law, but nothing
she tried worked. The elderly woman had
always quarreled with everyone she had
known if she could, and now was managing
to keep her son turned against his wife.
The couple always had gotten on well before the in-law had moved in, but now
there was nothing but strife. It was
quite evident what was needed as soon as
I picked up the letter. She was advised
to notice the old lady constantly, and
make a list of all the things she.could
find which could be genuinely praised;
then to praise her mother-in-law often
and genuinely in the presence of the husband, who now was feeling that his wife
must be wrong. She also was urged to keep
telling the elder woman about her nice
qualities when the two women were alone.

This was difficult to do, after having
been mistreated for so long a time, but
the wife was willing to do almost anything for the sake of peace. It caused
quite a disruption for awhile. The mother-in-law had craved attention all her
life, but she got only the kind no one
wants and she didn't quite know what to
do with praise. When the praise was continued, day after day, with no cessation,
it began to seem real. The husband finally grudgingly changed his viewpoint,
and his mother had nothing left to use as
ammunition, so she sulkily went off to a
corner of the apartment and kept quiet.

Since the weather of emotions and the
ideas surrounding the inquirer show
clearly, the psychometrist may be able to
point out a solution which the inquirer --
being too close to his troubles -- can not

Thela Newcomer, Box 475, Williamsport, Pa.

I enclose a donation of $3 for time
spent on analysis of five questions I wish
answered. (Use separate sheet for these).

My birth date: Day month
year hour A. M. or P.M
Place of birth
City State
March 19. 1958
Dr. Alphia Hart
The Aberree
Post Office Box 528
Enid, Oklahoma
Dear Dr. Hart:
On behalf of the Vice President I wish to acknowledge your thoughtful letter of February 20 calling attention
to the use of the Vice President's name by L. Ron Hubbard.

You may be sure that the Vice President has not
now, or ever, had anything to do with any organization created
by Mr. Hubbard or his associates. Your thoughtfulness in
alerting this office is much appreciated and as a result the
sponsors of the magazine have been directed to refrain from
any further nse of the Vice President's name.

I know that the Vice President would want me
to extend to you his best wishes.

gee R. E. Cushman, Tr.
Executive Assistant
to the Vice Presiden

The psychologists, psychiatrists, Synergeticists, E-therapists, Electropsychometrists,
hypnotists, and mental healers of all shades
can put that $80 back in their income tax
fund. We've just discovered something. They do
not -- repeat, DO NOT -- have to join the newlyformed, Scientology-sponsored "National Academy of American Psychologists" to keep from
being reported to some government agency as
"subversives", or at least, "potential subversive". Furthermore, we don't think that
even Scientologists have to join -- even tho the
rate for them is only $25.

Since we were going to find ourselves in
that awful category of one who "rails against"
the NAM', we wanted to find out just what was
going to happen to us when our name was on the
subversive list. And, inasmuch as Vice President Nixon was stated to be most interested in
this program, we went directly to the head
man. We got almost there -- as the accompanying
letter will attest. At least, we got close
enough that we can assure our many subscribers
they needn't participate in this recruitment
by fear and coercion, unless they just like to
be scared and coerced.

From the reports and claims coming out
of our nation's capital on "clears", one
can separate these phenomena into several
classes -- such as "theta clear", "meter
clear", "nuclear", etc. Since each is so
potent, wouldn't it be wonderful if they
could get together and do something about
each other?
10 The ABE,RREE MAY, 1958