Volume 5, Issue 2, page 4

you can't hear me? A. -- No, it is just that yOu A. -- Was it eating? L.0.—No, it was just lying
don't enunciate your words clearly. there. A. -- Just one alone? L.O.—les, perhaps
L.O. -- We are going around the object; it there will be more. A. -- If there are any other
has large holes in it. Now he is taking me way living things -- creeping, walking, or flying --
up to the top of it. A. -- Is that the object let us know. And also if you come across a
you are going to land on? L.O. —Yes. A. -- That body of water. I want to know if there is macouldn't possibly be the moon? L.O.—Now we rive life there.
are on it. A. -- You are far beyond the moon. L.O.-There is a little stress. A. -- Isit
What is the name of that object that you are clear. L.O.—Ye"s. A. -- Is there anything living
on? L.O. -- What makes you say that we are be- in the stream? L.O. It's a beautiful green
ond it? We are on it. A. -- I thought you would color. A. -- Is there anything swimming around
ge beyond the moon, altho your description was in the stream? L.O. -- No, not yet. A. -- Observe,
of the moon, because 250,000 miles... L.O. try to see if there are any living bodies in
(interrupting) -- It has large peaks, just like that stream. L.0. -- Yes, there are some things
mountatins. The surface is not flat. There are here. A. -- What is it? L.O.—It could be fish,
many holes. One must be careful while walking. but I don't know. A. -- Are they swimming around?
A. -- (Aside to audiencel -- Well, 250,000 miles, L.O. -- Just like floating around. A. -- Are they
and already the stars are big objects. I did- flat or do they have a full body? L.O.—They
n't think that that short distance would make have a full body, but the head is about twice
much difference in the size of the stars. That the size of the body. And they are a pinkish
is why l thought she was beyond the moon. L.O. -- color. A. -- Do they have eyes? L.O.—Yes, one
There is nothing here. A. -- Nothing at all? in the front. One could say it is a light.

A. -- No life? L.O.-INo. A.-.There is A. -- Does it have a mouth? L.O. —Yes, from
one side of the moon that the sun does not underneath the body. And the long things we
touch. Which side are you on? L.O. -- That is saw before—they also are in the water.
the cold side. A. -- That is right. You are on A. -- Many plants? L.O. — Yes. A. -- Any tall
the warm side? L.O.—No, we are not. A. -- You plants? L.O.—les, there is a real tall plant.
are on the cold side? L.O.—Yes. A. -- And the A. -- Would you call it a tree? L.O. -- No. More
cold side is much too cold for life to exist. like what a sunflower would be on Earth. The
L.O. -- I am well protected. A. -- Yes. I know, flower is white, and about four inches in
but I wonder if you could visit the other width, and it opens up like a trap, and then
side, perhaps you could find some type of liv- closes up again. A. -- Are there any insects
ing thing, where it is warmer. L.O.—Then you around it might catch in that manner? L.0 . --
must wait until we get there. There area few little things that fly around.

L.O.(Breathing becomes very heavy, while A. They're very tiny. About the size of a gnat.
continues discourse with others in room on the And the fishes fly up to catch them. One must
size of the "stars" she reported seeing. She be careful not to step in the holes. They're
¢egins coughing as if she were chDkiug. A. -- very deep. It's not too nice here. There is na
Are you comfortable? What is your difficulte living soul.

L.O. (Still choking) -- It is just fumes that A. -- Looking out into space from where you
are here. A. -- Yes, but they will not disturb are, what do you see? 1.0. -- Many little things
you too much. You are getting accustomed to flying by. A. -- Are they feathered? L.O.—Naw.
those fumes and they will not disturb you. They're little round things like the earth
L.O.—They disturb White Wings, too. A. -- Yes, would be. Could be tittle planets. A. -- Oh, I
but they will not disturb you. L.O. -- It is see. Planetoids. You can see them from there?
warmer here. It is foggy. A. -- Are there any Can you see Earth? L'.0.—Not too well. A. -- Can
living things... L.0. (interrupts ) —,It's a you see any portion of the Earth? Why can't
little damp. There are little plants. A. -- Do you see it well -- on account of the fog? L.0. --
you recognize any of those plants? Are they It isn't too clear. Something lew by me—very
like any that we have on earth? L.O. -- No, they fast. A. -- What was it? L.O. -- If didn't say what
are very hard, with sharp edges. A. -- Something it was. It roared by, and made a lot of noise.
like the cactus plant, maybe? L.O. -- Perhaps One must be careful, when he is out in space.
one could say that's what it is? A. -- Is it A. -- Yes, one must be careful when he's out in
very warm there? L.O. -- Yes, it's comfortably. space. You get hit by one of those things and
A. -- What would you say the temperature is for it's good-bye. L.O. (breathing heavily) -- It's
comfortably warm? Eighty degrees? L.0. -- Yes, cold up here. A. -- I think you'd better come
that's about what it is. back. I'm covering you up so you won't be cold
A. -- Is that the only type of life that you any more. L.O. -- White Wings's wings don't
see there is vegetation? L.0.—That's all, for protect very much. A. -- Are you on your way
now. A. -- Do you see -- is there any water -- any back? L.O.—Yes. A. -- What do you see on your
bodies of water -- rivers, lakes, oceans? L.O.— way back? Look around in space; how does the
I haven't come across any yet. It's awfully Earth look from where you are now? Does it
damp now. A. -- If it is damp, then there should look bigger than the moon looks from Earth?
be water. see if you can find any bodies of L.O. -- Yes. (long pause) This ss nice. I like
water. And while you're looking for a body of this. A. -- Are you still riding the back of
water, observe if there is any animal life.- White Wings? L.O. -- Oh, sure. I don't have any
or bird life. L.O. —There is just a little wings to fly with. A.(asidel -- 249.000 miles - -
creature here. It is very long and thin, but she'll make it in about two minutes. L.O.—Did
it moves away when one comes close to it. you see that airplane? A. -- How many engines?
A. -- It moves away on what? L.O. -- It crawls. L.O.—Two. No one sees me. A. -- No one sees
A. -- Crawls on its belly? L.O. -- Yes. A. -- No either of you -- you or White Wings. Is White
legs? L.O.—No. A. -- Is it a snake? L.O. -- No. A. Wings larger than a big eagle? L.O. -- 0h, yes.
-- A lizard? L.O. -- No. A. -- Is it long? L.O. -- Yes, Thank goodness I'm not driving. A. -- Have you
it's quite long. A. -.A yard long, or longer? returned? L.O.—Yes. A. - - Thank you. Sweet
L.O.—Not quite as large as a yardstick. It's Father. L.O.—You're welcome.
very thin. A.-.Is that the only thing you've 001CO
seen so far? 1.O. -- If there are more we'll Our environment is congealed thought. We
come across them. A. -. Did you frighten that think it first and then have to live in it unthing badly? L.O. — No, we did not touch it. til we think again -- Contributed.