Volume 5, Issue 2, page 3

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Hypnotist Sends V isi for to Satellite, Who Finds It
Soggy and Damp: Eel-like Creatures Leap from Stream
FEW YEARS AGO, the worla was startled
by the potentialities of hypnotism
when a Colorado housewife was made
to contact an alleged past life --
and "Bridey Murphy" became a best seller.
Many who "knew past lives were impossible" became a bit shaky in their views by
this apparent invasion of time.

But if the mind, or soul, or BEing can
collapse "Time", what of "Space"? How are
these two factors related? Are they one
and the same? Scientology defines time as
"the change of particles in space so
without space, time necessarily would
collapse upon itself, having no place in
which particles might change.

Scientologists of the last few years
are familiar with auditing techniques in
which the subject, presumed to be exteriorized, is told to "be in the sun'', "be
on the moon " , be here and be there -- and
the divergent reports such subjects make
of what they "see" there. We, ourselves,
have had everything reported on the moon
except green cheese -- and maybe we just
quit shuttling subjects all over the universe only minutes before this, too,
would have been certified and verified by
a subject who could not -- under the Auditor's Code -- be invalidated.

Nonetheless, following is the transscript of a tape made by Jacob Apsel of
Milwaukee, Wis., who placed his subject,
whom he refers to as