Volume 4, Issue 10, page 15

lish my letter in your Jan.- the seven dead.
Feb. issue, I am going to make Covetousness,
bold with more of the same. Gluttony, Envy
And since my first vice-pres- the reactive p
ident in charge of continuity be willing to
has gone off on a secret trip suffering be:
to the nearest solar system, some crazy not
the ideas may be arranged in it meant let
magnificent disarray. pride of birth
"About hypnotists handling sition, or wha
the super-conscious, the book ness. Some pre
'Many Wonderful Things' is most totally
full of wonderful ideas. As away or waste
for auto-suggesting the super- vies in mock
conscious, religious affirma- anger. As Manl,
tions do just that. ElRon's can forgive e
stuff, such as remembering the Uncle Joe. But
'first point you entered the rather stay s
physical universe', is to of that pet pe
awaken the memory of the The- in some cases
tan to 'those good old days'. let go of some
"This thing called apathy ply because w
to me looks like plain despair we do we won'
or again self-pity may be get- another and
ting in its work. Just what are idea at all?
the barriers that make so many are too menta
cases inaccessible, that cause take a chance
a lot of people to 'change but other idea?
not get any better'? Could it others' opinio
be just plain evasion of the courage to fa
real trouble? Could the real stirring up of
blocks be held up to us for to regret?
these many thousands of years "How about
in what the theologians call techniques on
Don't be bog
tar-pits of an
moded conc
These are
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