Volume 4, Issue 10, page 13

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"I am now in the process of a casualty in
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hours and they are ready for so low after
use again...I will have a good Iles I threw
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you." -- John C. Brown, Han ford, unfolded I g
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especially good way to make a nounce our
living!" -- Arthur Burks, Para- the Institute
di se, Penn. physics." Box 1076, Boe
"When a great humanitarian "If you a
comes to an untimely end, it list for the
seems fitting that we who are Essenes of
beneficiaries should pause to receive a fo
take note of it. termination.
"I refer to the suicide of letters made
D. Douglas Kelley, psychia- ing out aron
MA.,. , orw T b a 1:1 I;,
eo ~ r a f K
e moved to Boerne
e ral semanticist, ter this we will be spending
day, 1958 . all our time advertising OAHy was best known SPE. Read the first verse of
cher who examined the Book of Jehovih Kingdom on
r leaders after Earth.
at. He wrote of "Francis Baldes and Jerome
my-two Cells in have resigned their position
Dr. Kelley was of running the office, as of
trist for the last month, and we have reter in World War ceived a letter from Seattle
the time of his telling they were married.
d the following, There are four of us here now,
Criminologist Ray Schlippmann, James BoreY police force, land , Mary Ann Towle, and my,o San Quentin self. We are answering mail
tant to several coming in every day and sendnsultant to the ing out books as requested.

California, and "I have an idea I would
time to appear on like to put into practice --
Lecturer. that is to get some people in
ous that he was here and have them teach each
the great war on other, or to be self-taught as
aberrations that to how best to go around and
engulf all civil- have a meeting in different
who dies in such cities with fellow Faithists.
es the thanks of When these persons can get up
an! " -- Richard W W. and talk in front of an audiJose, Calif. ence without getting stumped
original for answers to questions , he
d your r origiigiwill be qualified to go out in
the January-Feb- Jehovih ys name. I want to put
of the Aberree. this into practice among the
pened it the more four of us before having too
re dissatisfied I many more persons coming here."
see we spend much -- Lionel J. Branberg, liontgy trying to help rose, Colo... .
le who have "bully ab"I'm praising a book called
ears such " bully 'The Robert collier Letter
ears in your last Book', a text of direct-mail
nte, the Florians selling which taught me more
the earth Th ela about appealing to human moeories, Jacob Ap- tives than anything I've ever
nd and his ouij a studied—and the book is an
Teve religion has American one, too. What a book!
led civilization , It contains more basic sense
titles are based about human motivations than a
ante more absurd thousand books on 'psychology'.

You Americans now have this
ite honest I felt 'motivational research' p u t
reading the arti- out by 'sales psychologists',
your publication which attributes buying acasket, but as it tions to all sorts of 'unconlanced down and scious urges'. What tripe all
Screwball Mystic this is -- when in fact the sopicked it up and called unconscious urges are
d reaffirmed my usually nothing more than that
Then I noticed I little secret desire in all of
your article 'Can us to get admiration ! Still,
as High as the psychologists will always love
only congratulate to wrap simplicities up in
my apologies to ponderous language -- simple bethoughts I had cause simplicities are too
your publication, bloody revealing!
find check for "I have stacks of notes
se change the ad- I've made after reading issues
e moved to Boerne of The ABERREE -- notes for
ut ready to an- stories I hope to write for
ormal opening of you sometime. It seems to me
of Applied Meta- that you need some articles
Wm. C. Schmidt, showing how this DESIRE FOR
rne, Texas. 'GOOD' THINGS is the REAL
basis of aberration. If your
re on the mailing Art Coulter has helped people
bulletins of the to become 'clear' by having
osmon, you will them use his ideas, then I'll
rm letter of their stand on my head for a year!
We have these In other words, I don't beup and are send- lieve it; simply because peond 50 a day ... Af- pie can't REALLY advance them1