Plowing Up the Field

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¶ It could have been a bomb, in the U.S. if
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carefully -- laid on our counter, written, printe Recklessly, we started wrench- Anton Bohm of
ing off the top, the postman ver, Colo. Bo
retreated hastily, and inside -- artisan , bought
well, you may not believe it, press and some
but inside was,a plastic bron- delving deep)y
tosaurus, too long f o r the tions on how
carton , and what looked like a bought, set hi
fuse was merely the tail-end ter-by-letter,
of its tail . No note inside. page-by-page,
No return address. Only a problems as he
Wichita postmark. Seems as if terspersing it
someone in Wichita thinks we about printing
can't concoct enough problems traded Bohm a
of our own. So they give us a OAKS for BIRTH
mystery, no less... ¶Mm . Ruth ing there must
Charron writes that a dozen or ful horse-trad
so ex - Dianeticists are to mant in our past
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weekly discussions on "mental can solve the
science", including Scientol- thousands of
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And "discussing", we've found, that The ABERR
is one of the things almost too, too much.
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fun. And relaxing. And we, swer ourselves
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having a good yak yak group we he sent a che(
can horn in on occasionally, subscription --
Which, probably, pretty much late that he
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Margery Mills, who has Iu read 10 issue
moved to Los Alamos, N.Mex., doff a green e;,
and has written us for names Anton Bohm. As
of kindred spirits in that S. needs more
area... 11 One of the funniest and so does The
metamorphoses the long string dentally.
of Hubbardian "degrees" has ¶ Contributi
taken is what has now happened ing Library t
to the granddaddy of them all , from Marquis
"H. D. A." Now, H.D.A. also can Scott, Kas. ,
stand for "Hubbard Disaster El Monte, Cali
Area", which is a postoffice Hanoka of Chic;
box (571 in Brooke, Va. Well , help give read
we suppose that in case Wash- in research an
ington is wiped out by an H- can discover
bomb riding in at the head of the titles on
a long-range missile, a post- In fact, the
office box 30 miles or so away so long that
will be as safe as any place -- carried in one
if they keep the rent paid... titles will be
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n of Wichita, month...¶And while we're disbiennial visit cussing the Lending Library,
E office a few the Sec., Wfe., Etc., and now
made sure that Librarian has asked that we
ould reach him rescue her from a situation
of his favored which is rapidly becoming aluch time as he most tragic. It seems that we
ack again. Jim list so many titles, and it's
, because since so easy to slide a dollar bill
he has called in an envelope, that too many
Richard Shaver, are making wholesale raids.
, Massachusetts To which we'd have no objecJohn "B-Cell" tion, of course, were each to
bbard; and some order different books and get
ntors who are them back within a week or two,
with an unpat- but when you start getting
to kill bugs at long lists of persons who have
by merely work- ordered four books, and their
of the infect- return is delayed, trying to
Some of that keep books on books can get
nship and crea- pretty complicated -- especially
is needed more for someone who can't even
we are to avoid look at an income tax blank
h up” with the without developing a galloping
ances of other flu and peritonism. So, please,
played in a new only one book at a time from
irth of a Book" , now on, hunh ? Ye Ed needs his
, and bound by ye pub.,.
815 W. 29 , Den- ¶ If we told you Tom Fairm, a gravestone banks of Falls Church, Va.; is
a small hand- organizing a "Free Church" betype , and after cause he's "always wanted to
for instruc- be a minister" , thinks errant
o use what he'd children should be spanked for
s type up, let- the good of their spiritual
and printed it , progress, and would make wieexplaining his ner roasts an important church
went along, in- rite, you'd think we're lying
with human bits to you . But we're not . He even
's history. We (in a round-about way) blames
copy of SCRUB Astounding's promotion of DiaF A BOOK, prov- netics to Amazing's printbe some success- ing of the Shaver mystery -- and
ng talent• dor- this may come as a complete
. Back came the surprise to a certain ISIBDTA
one-cutter who who gives little credit to any
intricacies of living person for much of anypieces of type thing. Anyhow, for the downience admitted payment of a dime, Tom'll tell
EE was justa bit you all about it -- and maybe
"What's it all he'll make you a preacher, too ,
d. We explained if you have a hankering for
we know the an- such ecclesiastic claptrap. .
. And to prove ¶ We read recently that kilts
man is made of, eventually would become the
k for a year's accepted style for American
and the postu- men—especially formal wear --
was going to get but we'll probably stick to
if he had to our 1930 -model Tux until it
s to do it. W e wears out, or we out-belly it.
eshade to you, However, just in case of a few
we said, the U. "ifs" (IF kilts become stylish
men like you -- and IF we'd wear them), jar.
ABERREE. inci- James Clark, of Dalbeattie,
Scotland, has offered to send
ons to the Lend- a kilt from his own clan -- a
his month come "genuine Flanigan tartan"
McDonald of Fort (whatever that is. But it was
G. H. Murphy of another IF (Intestinal Forti~'., and Dr. N , Ls tude -- which we didn't have)
go -- gifts which that has kept Ye Ed from wearers a wide choice ing the Scottish tam sent us
gles, as anyone from LondOn a few years ago...
by looking thru ¶ From accumulated reports,
the back page. we have learned that about 30
list is getting London auditors recently were
all cannot be excommunicated, decertified,
issue, so some and not-ISed for having the
alternated each temerity to meet in indepen it