Volume 4, Issue 10, page 10

streams of crystal water. Some of the
swamplands of Indiana, once were their
lakes, now filled in. In the water was a
type of thing that resembled the branching of coral, yet it was a delicate
green, even tho crystalline and almost
transparent. This material is what the
Bem lived on. It was tasteless, but they
didn't bother with taste. They never varied their food.

Babies were born as at present time,
yet with no difficulty since both bodies
were so soft and pliable. The baby.had
all his centers wide open at birth, so
immediately started maturing. He needed
little care, and his body developed very

The Bem lived in underground dwellings, since they existed in an era of
endless night storms, mostly wind. They
didn't occupy a large area at any time,
covering only what is now Ohio, Indiana,
and bits of Pennsylvania and Kentucky.
They seemed to have centered there, as
their type of intelligence was arranged
for only in that area. Probably the reason they never wandered far was because
of the food situation.

They did travel somewhat, but only in
their own domain, and always by levitation. It was so effortless that they were
constantly moving, never staying in one
place long at a time.

These people never had emotional difficulties, and always were pleasant and
happy. They really might be thought of as
a type of solidified mind.

But as time progressed, their bodies
started to become more dense. Here difficulty started. This density made the head
center a little less active. The sluggishness of the head center made the making of the metals they used more difficult. Their food substance fell below
standard; their abilities to levitate decreased; interior body force centers
slowed. Outside the bodies, other changes
mushroomed which meant the extinction of
the entire race.

Somewhere and some time during this
period, a prehistoric fish started entering their streams and lakes, now that the
waters no longer were kept purified. The
fish had legs and tails -- both short. They
moved laboriously in the water. Since
their own supply of food now was short,
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I enclose a donation of $3 for time
spent on analysis of five questions I wish
answered. (use separate sheet for these).

My birth date: Day month
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much .idO .A4ou n Ot hil f

Science is presently feverishly engaged in
outfitting the impending space pilot to withstand conditions that the scientists themselves are not sure will be encountered. And
even if the expected conditions are encountered, the scientists are not at all certain that
their outfits will be suitable to cope with
There is only one way to send a man out into space, and that is as a space man, under

If, under hypnosis, one can be made to act
like a rat, or a cat, or any creature the hypnotist may suggest; if a hypnotic can be made
to eat lemons as if they were sugar; if he can
be made to lie straddled between two separated
chairs and sustain a load of thousands of
pounds; if his body can be made to act or perform in accordance with anything the hypnotist
implants -- then why not send the pilot hypnotized into space, under command to react, under
any and all conditions, in the First Dynamic.
survival of self? He also could be under orders to report back, post-hypnotically, all
that he encountered.

Experiments could be conducted beforehand,
such as trying to drown or suffocate a hypnotic, under command not to drown or suffocate.

Utmost secrecy would be of great importance
to prevent an outsider from countermanding the
commands. But I will not deign to scan the
field of possibilities. That's for the professional hypnotists.