Volume 4, Issue 10, page 9

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Mound Builders of Long Ago Lost Out W
with Thought the Odd Metal The
0 NLY A comparative few centuries
ago, the Mound Builders, in what
is now Ohio, were a flourishing
and well-satisfied group of people.
The "Hem" (which is what they called
themselves, and signifies a state of mental condition or matter) were black, very
black. But they didn't belong to the
negroid race. These had a much better defined type of structure to their bodies.
Their faces were large, broad, and rugged
looking. Their hair was jet black and
curly -- not kinky.

These people were quite handsome, with
no variation in their features to make
them less than handsome. Each part of
their physiognomy was in fine accord with
each other part.

The body structure of these Bem would
make one think of something not much
firmer than cotton candy we get at circuses, yet they weighed an average of 300
pounds. They were tall, some as much as
15 feet, altho the average was between 12
to 13 feet. Only a few were as short as
10 feet.

The Bem had no religion, no philosophy, since life was so easily lived that
they had no special efforts to make that
were not pleasant. They all considered
themselves, and were, creators, since
they knew exactly what was necessary to
get the most out of themselves and out of

All their "centers" were wide open and
working at high efficiency. No gland
slowed, no organ got sluggish. At times,
when they suffered some slight deviation
of a center of control, they had a remedy. When a man, woman, or child realized
he was not acting or being quite the same
as usual, not quite up to his best, he
announced to those around him t h a t he
needed remedying radiation. This could
have been one of the better forerunners of
the modern shock treatment, except this
was designed to do for the "patient" what
was necessary to correct the ailing center and return him to normalcy.

The radiation treatment consisted of
15 or 20 persons going to a common meeting place. The person needing treatment
was placed in the center of a large circle. The people were much aware of the
abundant life force flowing around them
at all times. They pulled in vast masses
of this l i f e force, even as later day
Huna practitioners always have done. Yet
there was a difference, because at that
time they could qualify this life force
with their thoughts. They pulled in vast
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