Volume 4, Issue 10, page 4

the level of Man's various games, and
thereby start yet another game. The
world's book shelves are groaning with
their burdon of literature giving full
instructions on well nigh an infinite
variety of games in 'ologies and 'isms,
from fancy needlework, thru varying methods of prayer, on to the latest uncertainties in chain reaction. We would prefer to maintain our observation along the
fundamentals of creation, which have for
so long remained in the realms of the
unknown and have been retained there
-under such a heavy cover of belief. There
is only one reason why a man Believes,
$aJsa "gad a/L
Review by ALICE HART
OD, SOME children are
G told hY Parents who are
too spineless to take
responsibility for discipline, has a big, black book THE YOU