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LET'S ANALYZE So you want the fulfillmen
MOTIVES BACK to be a "theta ecy. some d
OF OUR GOALS clear" ? Yo u come. This E.
want to be "op- his transient
timum " ? You want to be "inte- as glory-grab!)
grated" ? And you think these grabber tried
are laudable ambitions? O. K., ness to the G
Brother, keep on wanting. Work was replaced e
with all your might and main and knowledge
toward obtaining your desire. ly, the prophe
Picture yourself exactly as filled, And i
you wish to be and duplicate a have read the
billion times, if need be. And by Ernest hiss
do you know what? After what that the Vail
might be considered a reason- a great man, h
able length of time, you'll truth and the
Probably find yourself farther fellow creatur
from being a "theta clear", an himself the ho
"optimum" , and "integrated" was unwilling
than you were when you start- when those
ed. Instead of approaching out the fact t
your goal , you've traveled in was the likene
the opposite direction. You had been looki
have been defeated by your own Ernest's de
desire -- a desire that recog- desire for s
nized you were NOT the thing would have rea
you wanted to be, a desire had imaged for
that invalidated everything and inoffens
you had done in the past to be- about his selfcome what you are now -- or were growing and e
before you got off on this ing in his m
binge of becoming something picture of gr
else. was not deft
More than a hundred years path by the c
ago, a New England writer, Na- alone , must at
thaniel Hawthorne , altho ham- Compare Haw
pered by a Puritanical back- with those you
ground that reeked of witch will "admit"
hunts, concocted -- knowingly or urging , that t
unknowingly -- one of the clas- -- plain, thet
ales of American literature: Weigh them by
"The Great Stone Face". In cannot do.
this tale, a pile of gigantic So you want
rocks on the mountain side clear" ? an " o
symbolized, in its majestic grated" ? Have
beauty, t h e features of a self why you
great and understanding human , things? what who, some day, in fulfillment you should s
of a prophecy, would come to you had reache
life in a noble Valley inhab- We look bad
itant. or more years
Ernest, the hero of this and recall son
story, looked always for the given by aspir
coming of the "great man". to attain the s
With limited education, worn and we know f
from work in the fields, he ceases. manY
still maintained his dreams of themselves
Fe a g K d i day e a
tors had been unable to help;
sent Voice of The many wanted to be 'clear