Volume 4, Issue 9, page 17

`isms', and believe me, I have
investigated plenty. Of course
everyone is different and many
have to follow, but to me,
there is no one science which
has the one answer.
"Since just returning from
this 7000-mile trip, I have
visited many old buddies with
the same interests as Aberree
readers -- most of them ex-Dianetics. But they all used the
latter as a starting point and
not as an end. To me they are
all extremely successful , both
physically and mentally (using
a dichotomy). They don't pledge
allegiance to any one shrine.
"Especially outstanding are
fort and Dorothy Jaquays of
anton, Quebec... They are
working and living with all WINGS -- BUT
, so to speak , having
to do with ^an's progress. Some at
Consequently, they a r e as Mailed( , of
aware, successful and healthy who hobbies
as anyone I know, us of an ''
"While at Paramount Farms, Head" he ha
SUtton, some of the old Roch- asked for a
ester original Dianetics group sent us a do
came up for the week-end. They kept the o
are progressing wonderfully came some sa
and thank Dianetics for giving anent our an
them a wonderful start... ence, and th
"The wonderful thing of it this is the
all is that we are all trying good-bye wo
to raise the tone of ourselves waver and th
as well as the world. But let's a-head parti
don't discredit the other fel- Dale adds:
low just because he doesn't "I have
follow our 'ism' or 'ology'. cess -- a mech
Because as ours works for us, on groups.
his probably works for him, reading cour
And if it doesn't, he will back to sch
soon change it. " -- Ruth Char- advanced age
ron, Chula Vista, Cali f. with the t
the movie
"You've succeeded I think get wonderf
and hope in doing a controver- mg readingseem issue ( December), tho seem and to know
still unable to unglue some
writers from their accustomed really are t
'Universes' . Oddly, it appears foption, wh
that nobody said anything for for all lea
or against Scientology except nudent i and
s t
you and me...Your cover design stude antistime. In could be analyzed for symbols
the bigg
as : 2 Christian ( cross and cation has
witch), 2 Egyptian (pyramid started. W
and crux anasta), 2 witch
how good i
(skull & crossbones and moon
s into use all
and 2 astrology ( Saturn and it will def'
comet). The light sun, dark biliy
sun might be Zoroastrian: Maz- an aspeed of th
da and Abriman , The Fluoroscope they should
design is from still another
swing about
faith ( Freudian), Wonder how
many readers know the skull happy race.
and x- bones means death an d inviting us
resurrection -- and to whom? ... tic Union wou "MY reaction to the Sput- (if there's
niks is a minority one, name- and if they'
ly, 'Hooray! ' At last we (hu- "DID ATLA
mans) have an orbital satel- wow. I had ft
lite and space-travel is nigh and I'll bet
upon us. I think an extrater- thoroly enjoy
restrial invasion would be good of Astrapoli
fortune for us, the way we're as a problem
set up now. To our trigger- goofed. Was
JAN.-FEB.. 1958 T h a A B E R R E E
BUT u wh f e h fi b t d N t i
ito , this
n rked
A the Dynamo, or Gracious Sir?
Were there two Dynamos or
three? What is the O'Neill Dynamo relieved about? Does Apsel
know what 'Omniscient' means?
Finally, since the thing seems
to be a tempest in an ouija
board, and I've got one, I