Volume 4, Issue 9, page 16

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"Please accept these twc ally scientif
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If my men
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self-improvement in the mental the symptoms
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removed from your magazine... merry - go - ro
"As to the contents of the ideas and mak
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but t o o much emphasis i s keeps on j uggl
placed on Dianetics. The arti- philosophies,
cle 'Whispers of the God With- really deem,
in' is excellent. " -- Mrs. John has not soi
W. Lemon, Berkley, Mich. can move fu
ED. NOTE.... The entire cover doesn't know.
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"Awhile back I got the idea erful thing,
of trying to find the common I know. How
denominator in th e various can handle th
types of mental therapy, in- Can one auto,
eluding religion, that makes perconscious,
' em all work. Thetan?
"One of the first things „ In other
observed is old stuff: the ten- therapy works
dency on the part of even some and subconsci
famous psychologists to read all three! It
into a case their own weak- of the best
rations or ex- done in the churches today.
writer always "Guess I will have to reinto his work.) view Hubbard's stuff. Aberrancy is to over- tively yours." -- C.H .Murphy ,
ook on a person El Monte, Calif.
or three- or
stead of the "Many thanks for the fair
rganism he is. treatment of my challenge. I
ent to the other believe I am entitled to a rengle of facts, buttal...
mple mind, added "Paul refers to Most Gramumbo wocky and cious Sir as my guide. Most
bo. In a recent Gracious Sir is too highly elas a news story evated to be anyone's guide.
an schizo in a He is in CHARGE of the second
tion. One state- plane...
(and she must be "Why talk a lot of words! I
ctor in this) is repeat my challenge to both:
knows the causes "Paul: If you have a REAL
ia. contact, have him/her contact
f the reason why Most Gracious Sir.
understands its "George: If your Zelda is
t nearly all of REN.,, have him (or them) conare so materi- tact most Gracious Sir.
is they can't "Alphia, it is not my ineasons even if tention to tear down people. I
eir attention.., merely wish to expose misrepreligious cures resentation. If Dynamo a n d
Zelda are legitimate, when Most
s of psychosis are Gracious Sir gets th ru with
)f a person con• them, THEY will return to
ubconsciously de- their mouthpieces and admit
e up, to quit, to what I contend is true ." --
ere they are, to Jacob Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.
back when. This •~
the schizo types, "I have a card from Jacob
throws in the suggesting that I put up or
shut up. If I have a dynamo,
ory is not at he says have him contact `Most
said that one of Gracious Sir', who he says is
of a schizo is too elevated to be anyone's
to hang on to one guide...
e of thought. In "I hope that 'The Radiant
to be stuck on a One' is more radiant than Most
and of words and Gracious Sir is gracious. This
e no progress, celestial busybody seems to
on why a person have nothing to do but get ining words, ideas , to other people' s hair .
is because he "I now understand what Robt believe it. He ert Ingersoll meant when he
d himself, so he said: 'Give me Heaven for clirther ahead. He mate but Hell for society.'
"The Dynamo says there was
an quitting is old an Atlantis .
. His Grand Tour, "Then, apparently referring
ale , etc., a r e to the ' Vari-colored analogue'
s. My ? is -- can on Page 3 of the December Abreaders come up erree, he said:
better. "'Lightly caught in Heaven's
personality sit- own creative spasm -- The manid by some to be agement inspires a rotogravure
circuits. It can of high fidelity reception and
pation by surplus the stage is free.' " -- Paul E.
Wickland's books O'Neill, Marrero, La.
ing reading as to
Charles Fort. "We have just returned from
gestion can do three months in Canada, Verat awesomely pow- mont, etc. Boy! Was it swell
the subconscious. to see the two back issues of
many hypnotists my favorite Aberree. I have
e superconscious? read every page in both of
suggest his su- them and love it all . I don't
the mind of the think you are antagonistic, as
some seem to say. All of these
words, psycho- viewpoints the Aberree offers
on the conscious keep a person thinking, growous , religion on ing , and changing. To me , that
's said that some is optimum. I have seen too
mental therapy is much smugness in too many