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Plowing Up the Field paagge', bakedlb
I It's pretty hard to write hair, made t
a column on Christmas Eve -- anancromstin vie,
with all the Christmas noises , vacuum
going on around you - and with and corrected
fruit trees in bud from the papers. HHones
almost-tropical autumn. Fred and analysis
$ says maybe either the Ed much and we think
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ly to control the weather , as ing than
he shivers in Houston in cold- all -- and thi
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iously doubt... I This isn't a zarco meo, w
"visit California" edition, we
assure our Florida readers, aircraft ft of ind
but one might think so from create , and
the news of that smoggy state. Thoanknk hour
For example, j, Gladys ae to know you. a re
of Pierre, S.Dak., was to spend
the holidays with her son in much out
San Diego, but is probably ours. k1 t h
home fighting snow and ice didn't know
again long before you read that much in
this... ¶ And another sojourner ¶ On his
in San Diego was Eileen Taylor , burgh , Penn.,
of the old HAS staff, but she Ariz.. Philip
got homesick and is now back to stop in Was
in Phoenix. While in Sailor- of the late
town, she tells of visiting taped mouthing
another ex-HAS secretary, Mon- were altered
ica Macomber Ryder, who, Fly When Phil got
now, should be discovering just legedly (a two
how much trouble a new -born Yers charge $5
son or daughter can be... ping just a
on the gas , an
¶ Another California visi- him to salve t
tor was ggb }frentz of Boulder, ings of thos
Colo. Of course, Bob does so only the Pres much traveling that his stops special fasthere and there are about as eges. he dad.
novel as an after-dinner "fag" of Washington
to a chain smoker, but of this least, for the
trip he writes: "Before leav- awhile it 100
ing L.A., I visited a mo' with bleak Christm
the Totologists, Hardin and nahan and fami
Joanna Walsh, ain the process t Globe,
of dolling up their new quar- the holidays
ters in the former Los Angeles the o1 Carnah
Art Center, where they are Ill. Approach
preparing to set up a more ex- car plowed in
tensive, extended, and compre- Lutheran pre
hensive activity. It's about caromed off i
as likely a place as you could pole. As the
find in the area with ample was towed away
room and a wide variety of of- Cliff saw t
fives and school rooms, as well-laid plan
JAN.-FEB., 1958 T h e 0 R P D 1+ t:
s b h a
tory of oa h o t u w > w a w t a ay h
e who
asant and spac- set to return to Globe by bus.
Bob, by the way , But it must have worked O.K.
knows more about after a night's sleep erased
n the guy who the emotional impact (or an
tuff, has prom- Enid garage performed a "mira•
orate on a his- cle" ), because a few days Ia•
unt for a better ter we got a card from the
ders of The AB- Carnahans sent from Illinois.
Robins, London, No data, but they promised to
.. I David Lyle. stop in Enid on the way home.
J., sent us a 14- and we then may find out what
of the December happened...
ch he terms a I After one reading of lm
antics Facility parreg's "Booby Traps of Evthe Manhood of eryday Language,. a new mimeoccording to the graphed pamphlet by that Los
on each page, Angeles "expert on semantics ",
practically an we decided we couldn't afford
Produce.' while to read it twice, even tho we
fe (according to found it quite interesting.
al notes on each When you discover your enslaveread, washed her ment to "abstract nouns", and
he crust for a how much of what you say in
prepared a beef all conscientiousness is drivel
ed the floors, and negative, you wonder why
some Fifth Grade you ever took up editing and
tly, we've read working with words as both
ver four times, vocation and avocation...¶ Not
we understand much news this month. Of those
at Helen was do- we know not going to Califort David was wri- nia, it seems the others are
s is said with going to the congress in WashDavid's "Dedi- ington, or burying themselves
read: "In honor in those nasty tax forms Uncle
men, and organi- Ike and his gang harass us
he missile and with this time of year...1 And
stry, who make. for no reason at all (unless
extend history it's to escape unpleasantriesl
of every day." this reminds us of the story
vid. We're happy we read (skip it if you've
ader can get so heard it, of the woman attendthis "babY" of ing the last Scientology con, we. frankly , gress. The woman in a nearby
e were putting seat, during an auditing break,
.t ... asked , "How far ahead did you
way from Pitts- make reservations?"
to Florence, "Six weeks;" the first womFriedman's plans an said. "My husband and I...
hington for some "But your husband -- " the
st super- duper second woman began , noticing
s on scientology that someone she knew was on
by a speedcop , the other woman she left .
stopped for al- "He's dead," the first wornan interrupted, a bit solemnly.
00-up fort step- Did they refund your money
ee bit too hard on your husband's ticket?"
d $15 taken from The first woman shook her
he injured feel- head.
e who feel that "couldn't you find a friend
s car has to use the extra ticket?" the ident' driving privha second woman persisted. " Sureded that was all ly, you could find someone inhe wanted. At terested in Scientology."
present...¶ For Again Woman No. 1 shook her
ked 1 ike a pretty head. "They're all attending
s for Cliff car- his funeral," she said...¶ The
ly, drivingFru moral of this story -- if it has
Ariz., to spend any morals -- is that to be made
ith his parents, more able, one can't take some
Au in Eldorado, things too damn' seriously!
ng Enid, their Not even death -- and taxes.
o a slow-turning COCO
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