Volume 4, Issue 9, page 12

"Have I been miserly? Have I ever, in
times of plenty, withheld aught from my
brother or sister who needed?"
"Have I always been positive in my
approach to all problems?"
"Have I always been out-going, outgiving?"
Now, down to this present, let us ask
ourselves, while we lie, or stand, or sit
in our ''chambers'=-which may of course be
on a busy sidewalk, or anywhere among
crowds, or alone, since the "chamber" is
the human "inner" -- this question, and
this, and this:
"Am I all, spiritually, I aspire to
be? Am I trying hard to attain my spiritual goals?"
"Do I envy anyone?"
"Do I trust my fellows -- male and female?"
"Am I wholly trustworthy so that my
word may be accepted as a bond? "
"Do I refrain from sitting in judgment, even inside myself ? "
"Do I worry, despite that I know I
should not ? "
"Do I covet anything of my neighbor?"
"Is my every desire sight according to
my knowledge and understanding of righteousness, or rightness?"
"AmI clean in mind, spirit, and body?"
"Do I eat what my body requires, and
no more?"
"Has anyone not eaten properly, to my
knowledge , because of me?"
"Do I believe that I am a Child of the
"Am I becoming increasingly aware of
the world about me, reaching out toward
the uttermost of Divine goals?"
"Do I love everything and everybody,
with all of my heart, body, and soul --
without restriction?"
"When I ask the Father that He show me
the Law that I may follow it, do I ask
with my heart, spirit, soul -- or merely
with my lips?"
"Do I feel my prayers with deep, deep
"Having prayed, do I go forth then to
manifest, rather than wait for the Father
to do the work which He has assigned me?"
Let man lie in peaceful seclusion, or
stand, or walk, fully aware as he asks
himself these questions, one at a time,
taking plenty of time; let him answer
each one honestly as it is given to him
to be honest; let him feel question and
answer with "deep intensity", and lo, he
will find that he walks with the Father;
that he obeys the Law; that he has attained his goal of happiness in the only
way possible.

The End
To smash the simple atom
All mankind was intent.

Now any day
The atom may
Return the compliment. -- Exch.
AND = i'

We are told by the Ancient Masters that
Original Man was perfect, desiring nothing,
needing nothing, and using nothing.

We are further told that eating, long a
fixed habit of the body, was first practised
for pleasure only, and not a requirement of
the body.

When eating continued until it produced
habit, that caused adjustment in the body's
structure and function to harmonize with a new
condition forced upon it. It was either do or
die, and the body did.

Adjustment to habit, taking place constantly
in the body, creates need to sustain it. That
need creates a requirement that must be satisfied.

Even now, after ages of eating, the surest
and safest way to get the sick well is to take
away all food but air and water.

A certain doctor has been doing that work
for 35 years, getting the sick well by fasting, while paying no attention to silly names
of symptoms, diagnosed by doctors who know not
the nature of the causes responsible for the
symptoms to which they give empty, meaningless
. // ll 00100
uch A I AUOUi noaiIL y
Modern artists depict their subjects, not
as they see them, as a whole, but as they mock
them up analytically into their component
parts and movements. Modern artists break up
and divide their subjects into cylinders,
spheres, cones, cubes, and monstrous menageries of positive and negative abstractions. Out
of one they make many. Yet they ironically
call their art non-objective. Thus modern art
reflects the extremely divided living of our
age. Modern artists are divisionists.

Cubist art reflects the extreme aberration
of light. Sculptors, creating mobile statuary,
and painters, trying to achieve motion on a
flat canvas, are on the brink of madness, and
reflect a world going mad.

The trend cosmically, atomically, and artistically is toward hypnotic, unpredictable,
unrecognizable, maniacal forms, with lost horizons and lost perspectives. Our artists have
lost their vanishing points. They have lost
their heads. They are broken pediments and
there is nothing fixed.

Art today is visual vivisection -- with its
accompanying cruelty.

In art also, be as a child. The art of a
child and that of a savage are akin.