Volume 4, Issue 9, page 9

OU MIGHT SAY that life boils down
to two things: Either you can or
you can't. About 200 years ago,
1724-1804, there was a chap named
Immanuel Kant, who contributed more to
the "can't" side of the picture than you
might expect, especially in relation to
the misinterpretations that have been put
upon his philosophy.

He said, "The laws of thought are also
the laws of things, for things are known
to us only thru this thought, and since
it and they are one..:' All this makes it
quite apparent that he knew that we, as
Supreme Intelligence, or Totality, are
one with all things.

But he made some interesting contradictory statements. He said that we could
only know things thru our senses; that
the human mind would take experiences and
mold them and shape them and form them
and this was our awareness. He also made
another apparently contradictory statement that even before experience, there
was "a priori"