Volume 4, Issue 9, page 8

would take a substance, somewhat lik
quartz, and hold it so that the rays o
the sun struck it. The ray, striking on
bright surface, refracted blue—and onl
blue because the substance was shaped t
produce this effect. This blue seems t
be the highest color for this planet.

This blue acted as a stimulator f o
bringing out man's better instincts. Thi
is the ancient origin of the wonderfu
blue found in the Orient in a duplicate
form even yet.

This quartz-like substance absorbe
the sun's ray, and after long exposure
repeated often, retained the blue. Th
substance usually was egg-shaped, and wa
later found in temples where it had bee
positioned to catch the sun's rays as i
shone thru openings in the roof.

When concentrated on, this blue sub
stance energized the psychic centers, o
chakras, and produced the type of balanc
early peoples knew was needed for effic
iency in any strata of life, since i
formed a union between all three bodies.

There is a little of this blue sub
stance still in existence -- in some of thi
covered-over temples in South America,
bit in Central America, and even in Cal
ifornia, where recently some ancien
skulls were found, skulls quite differen
in texture and even in shape from ours.

The people who came here from the Or
ient came via a chain of islands, whit
were closely linked at that time. The:
brought their old lore with them, an
once here, built huge temples for th
gathering together of the people for us
of the blue substance. These temples wen
not set up for any form of worship Th
people merely went to them to energiz
themselves each day.

Their bodies were magnificent. The me,
were tall, broad, well-built, with blac
hair, black or dark brown eyes, and
white skin. The women were usually ver,
beautiful and very graceful, with a larg
knowledge of many crafts.

After a time, changes began occurrin
in their living habits. Some lived main)
in the temple; another group was formed ti
live outside the temple, grow the food
and look after the body's needs. Thi
produced a type of separation of atti
tudes. The people outside, now workin
with soil, got away from keeping thei
dives in readjustment, and since the
were no longer living at their fullest
developed sensual qualities of all kinds
They began to resent the temple class
who were still superior in every way
even tho dependent on those outside fo
their food.

This resentment led to leaders spring
ing up among those no longer interests
in the ancient knowledge. These leader
began forming a religion of what the
knew, instead of using the blue substanc
for use and a type of restimulation. Thi
led to squabbling between the two groups
e with the newly-made priests trying to
f take over the temples which had remained
a very rich and powerful because of the
y blue substance's attraction for those who
o went there to be energized.
o The priests turned the whole thing
into a religion—with the sun as the ma/ terial appearance from some type of deity .
s The blue substance was destroyed where1 ever and whenever possible, and heads of
d families, who had been delegated to use
and maintain knowledge of the ancient
d substance, were slaughtered.
• Government in those days was a form of
e democracy, in which the aristocracy was
s chosen thru a man's ability -- on how well
n he kept his centers aligned so that he
t was efficient in all things. If this
leader's sons followed in efficiency,
they, too, were elected to the govern/ ment. If not, then the government passed
e into the hands of people who had best
followed the ancient methods for unity.
t A man might have as many as four wives,
often taken from the same family, since
^ there was an attempt to keep a line of
ability as great as possible. This often
a was possible because all members of one
family followed the teachings of the
t father. Sex was under control, used mainly
t for procreation, with sensualism an unimportant factor. The birth of children
was timed to the minute to produce the
h highest type of people. There was interv, between residents of the temple
d and those on the outside to keep bodies
e strong.
e At that time, the heart center, an
e area medial to the heart organ, was the
e highest developed center in the lower
a body. Since this was true the priests,
once they started gaining control of the
n temple peoples, in their human sacrik fices, always attempted to cut out the
a heart of the victim and hold it-under the
y rays of the sun since it had, while in
e the body, tremendous powers of radiation.

The temples were built in pyramid form
g or phallic shape primarily to withstand
Y storms. Many of these temples still are
o in existence, even tho long covered by
• earth during earthquakes. Some will later
s be unearthed. Here and there a bit of the
- wonderful blue substance is hidden in
g niches in the old temple walls.
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