Volume 4, Issue 9, page 7

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EOPLE have not always taken on bodies in the same way. There were a
number of methods of entrance,
and these methods were used at
various times. Some came for one reason,
some for other reasons -- at different periods and in different conditions of mind.

There were those who were known as
"Sons of Flame". This term is known to
many here now, both from reading and from
memory of their early history.

The Sons of the Flame were of mind
origin, with mind bodies. Later, as conditions demanded, and according to what
they wanted to accomplish on this planet,
these minds took on bodies of varying

Sons of the Flame did not always mean
merely the substance of pure mind. Had
they been seen by people with our type
vision (were we able to adjust our vision
to that wave-length), it would have been
possible to have seen a terrifically high
speed twirling mass of radiation. Near
the top of that radiating mass was the
main center of intelligence. At first,
there was merely this mass of radiation;
later, there appeared an elongation from
this state into a purely electronic body
of negative and positive type activity --
or it might even be called male and female activity, altho this is a poor description of this elongated mass.

This elongated projection, then, had
within it an atom of combined electronic
force -- a force intended to produce two
types of effects. This description is
very vague, mainly because there aren't
any special words in our present-day experience that seem descriptive of the
condition. The two types of effects are
something like a type of wisdom and an
all-encompassing love, or in some sense,
something like an ideal father would manifest and an ideal mother might love and

Much later, this mass elongated again,
took a different form, and now had to do
with a physical body. Another body, generally called a subconscious mind, and
later even a third, or reasoning mind,

Much of the above knowledge has been
known to peoples back thru a long period
of time. In our present time, it has been
reconstructed by Max Freedom Long as part
of what is known as Huna. This word is
said to mean "secret". Huna is Long's
reconstruction, by way of the Hawaiian
and Polynesian route of livingness. This
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