Volume 4, Issue 9, page 4

drawn from the sense centers and con
sciously channeled back tO the spine, an
brain, this "frees" one from limitation
imposed by the body, environment, e t c
With this free attention, we enter in
to Stage Five, or the condition of inter
iorization. In this condition, we an
"dead" to the world, yet perfectly con
scious, and not dopy, drugged, or "out'
somewhere. We are aware of the wonderfu
world of the mental forces. With practice
we even can ''see" the thought processe
take form. We can be honest and literal)
"see" our blocks and patterns. Life ha
no problems, it is an open book. This i
the experience of one in this condition
It is a real condition, not an idle fan
tasy. I t is a condition of expande

When the mind is interiorized in thi
manner, we can direct it anywhere w
please. We are not concerned about per
forming feats of magic or tricks. We an
concerned only about increasing o u
awareness. So we hold the attention o
this idea; this idea of becoming aware
We let the mind stop its rambling, and w
let the awareness increase. With thil
comes visions of light, understandings o
life, etc. Also, joys (as life force
flow thru the nervous system), blis
(which is always a sign of direct exper
ience), and serenity. As we find the min
stuff flowing along one line of thought
we have the Sixth Stage, or Concentration. Concentration means to have t h
thought processes on one object withou

When the concentration is held stendy
in the process of looking within, we halo
the condition of Meditation. Do you se
how different this is, compared to jus
reflecting, or thinking, or figuring
One-pointed concentration brings eventua:
Oneness or identification. Some brigh
boy is going to say (they always do)
"But that's escapism. I'd rather be her(
in the world of men, and help them . "
Experienced auditors, practitioners
thinkers, etc., know that if man isn'l
trying to experience awareness, he i
busy jumping from one game to another.

Like I said, I'm not trying to fore(
this on anyone, but it's a basic way
It's the way that the integrated men hav
trod. The trouble is, we too often few
the unknown. We feel (from lack of exper
ience) that if we have the oneness o i
that we will be no more
Never fear, faint heart; most of us (m
hat's in the ring, too) have enough reactive patterns wired in to keep us from
"dissolving" for a good long while.

There are two basic ways to arrive al
condition of pure knowing or pure
awareness. One way is to let the thought:
subside while retaining consciousness
and automatically what results is pur
awareness, I AM, or whatever you choose
y m e s e e
e _ Ou~ i -: secret

:moi r~ 1
' ^~
s The biblical makers were extra cautious
not to reveal the true identity of their
Paul, or the fact that he was a noted
d Pythagorean philosopher. He did not teach
the gospel of Jesus and said so in these
e "But I certify you, brethren, that the
gospel which was preached of (by) me is
e not after man" (Gal. 1:11).

Paul went a little too far in that
r statement. Like most men, he was tainted
r with egotism. The gospel which he preached