Volume 4, Issue 8, page 17

all they get is whatever com- tal communic
fort it gives them; it adds and was used --
not one jot or tittle to the "Another
total of knowledge in this wonder about
world. Once satisfied of this, the infant
I let the matter drop.., thru birth,
"While being dispassionate The technique
and critical, you've been do- blue booklet
ing something lately which tells how it w
irks me to a bit of discom- it's true tha
fort. I thought y o u were fussy ing n e w and
about words -- don't you know George C. Bent
what psychometry means? How
come this lady with ESP does- "Latest Abel
n't see into a dictionary some contents note(
time?... You have the less ex- the envelope
case, since you ought to know. gla-a-asses.
(ED. NOTE -- You can blame me, laugh, son.

Alma; I gave her the 'psychom- "Thanks fen
eter' label. Maybe I should that Jim Welgo
have called it PSI-chometry, here right on
eh?1...Psychometry, as usually Green and I
practised, goes to a great his meetings..
deal of trouble to avoid guess- "It's the
ing; that is, as far as guess- world was mad(
work can be avoided. Then they Certainly I wen
go further to point out how And Jim also
much is still guesswork. It is ment in him fo
a form of description of human anyone else's.
behavior in terms of standard- those smooth
ized items -- and if you knew ters, off who
how much honest toil goes into dissension fl(
standardizing a test item, you duck's back.
would at least respect the "This SmoO
amount of energy they have to was physical]
play with. As a result of this when he obligi
conscientious care, more and enact his ba
more people are working at jective inter
work they love but would never exercises. Ji
have found without the educa- make a good di
ted guesswork thus available:' ;,o stand in f
-- Alma Hill, Fort Kent, Maine. would look lik
"Blanche and I want to nothing com
"As one of

thank you for the detailed re- of the evenin
view of our book, 'The Rise hi-fi recording
and Fall of the Atlantean Civ- Dream', a not
ilization', in the October Ab- musical curre
erree. N.Y. One of the
"I would like to send along entitled ' Thi
several comments you might ap- the singer end(
preciate. First, on the one all of his tho
main point you mention. This tieing them
same question came to us while what did he hai
we were receiving the materi- other excelle
al. We asked about it and this 'The Tide Pool'
is the answer: Those who went the sea to th:
out (passed on) and those who body in which
escaped over the mountains lousing up thE
were filled with fear and hor- up with calling
ror by what had happened to chins, '0, the
their beloved continent. They fishes', etc.
dared not look back and remem- selections were
her; in fact, they wanted to sophical...
forget as quickly as possible. "Jim's old
So, all the grief, fear, and holds; that
misery were buried in the re- which I know
active minds as is the nature accomplish wh
of the engram. Even those who complish, I c
had colonized on other parts guess that's
of the globe were horrified and gets what he
wanted to forget as quickly as wants it. His
possible. seem any diff:
"Now, for my main point: last time I saw
You say: 'Communication was ago, but they
mental'. However, on Page 19 "I know you
it tells how they developed a bly disappoint
language and it was not until you we are dr'
the fourth millenium that men- ern route back
bECEMRIRR tae T 1. ., B t' 0 0
a pof a c g nn i n a s e
tion developed we can't partake of your hoswhen desired. pitality in Enid. We will be
int -- Did you very close to Jim Welgos as we
the education of go thru Alabama." -- Phil Friedrom conception, man, Pittsburgh, Perm.
nd after birth?
given in the "I'm a little slow, but
you advertised find I must rise to the deas done... Maybe fense of Bacon's teachings, as
t there is noth- being somewhat misrepresented
: r the sun.'' -- and misunderstood by t h e
Glendale , Cal. Walshes, this time by Joanna.
"Far from being a 'Forerunree to hand and ner of Totology', I suspect
I. I like best Francis Bacon would, rather,
with the horse's place it among the 'four classThat's a horse es of idols that beset men's
minds' -- for this reason: 'Words
r reminding me react on the understanding;
s was visiting and this it is that has renour street. Dan dered philosophy and the sciattended one of ences sophistical and inactive. Whence it comes to pass
same old 'This that the high and the formal
e for me' Jim. discussions of men end oftenildn't disagree. times in dispute about words
has no disagree- and names; with which it would
r my Zero or for be more prudent to begin, and
He is one of so by means of definitions relovable charac- duce them to order.' (Excelm the waters of lent description of general
w like off a semantics!1 Bacon then goes on
to say: 'The idols imposed by
thness of body words on the understanding are
y demonstrated of two kinds. They are either
ngly disrobed to names of things which do not
rrel-chested ob- exist...' (Semantics again:
oastal breathing high order abstractionsl..; 0f
m and I would this kind are Fortune, the
chotomy. Were I Prime Mover, etc... and like
root of him we fictions. And this class of
e a Greek W. I idols is more easily expelled,
pared to his all. because to get rid of them it
the highlights is only necessary that all
, he played a theories should be steadily
of the ' Pipe rejected and dismissed as obtoo successful solete.'
tly playing in "Now, wouldn't we really
selections was have a 'high and formal diskin' ' in which cussion in disputes about words
d up gathering and names' if each of us atughts together, tempted to define and convince
n a knot, and others that our definition of
re? Nothing. An- 'Totology' was the 'right'
t number was one? No two people can agree
which compared on the meaning of any highbody or world order abstraction, tho they
the fish were can argue it to the end of
sea and ended their days, for all the good
these sea ur- that would do! No wonder Bacon
dirty sons o' insists on 'reducing them to
Several other order' !
equally philo- "Begging Joanna's pardon, I
must correct a misimpression
adage still she gives about Bacon. She
If I do that states, twice, that 'in his
must be done to earlier years' Bacon wrote:
t I wish to ac- 'In general, let every student
annot fail.' 1 of nature take this as a rule,
why he always that whatever his mind seizes
wants when he and dwells upon with peculiar
students don't satisfaction is to be held in
rent since the suspicion, and that so much
them two years care is to be taken in dealing
ay they are... with such questions to keep
will be horri- the understanding even and
d when I tell clear. ' Now, if Bacon said
wing the south- this in his early years, he .
to Arizona, so stuck to it all his life, for