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come as quite a surprise to 'Wow'. I ha
anyone who has ever been in- clearer prese
terested in the good man's must be evide
work. Spinoza was a Jew, and does work . Y
the story of his clash with "May I ask
the synagogue of which he was of Ye Ed. Doe
a member is one of the most and offer to
dramatic ever lived, gentlemen i
" A writer who is careless (like me)9
of facts must not expect to a bit, you se
persuade readers to accept his SERVICE -- can'
opinions." -- Wm. G. Miller, Mc- ing dubbed oh
Keesport, Penn. people (no
"what took place in that know better ?
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me, it was very important to oit t, iNTUi
get the people in a condition of the Iousn
so that when a thought entered al "Granting
their minds, instead of react- ionting
ing to it, they would be able function thru
to objectively consider it be- does anyone
fore acting. After one speaks one, I mean)
or acts, then it is too late mans are sup
to alter the effects they have factor functi
caused. The analyzer will help ndtor that
you find where these thoughts and inventive
come from if you try to find NESS? the

NESS? I would
"Some time, if you have an ing how intui
unusual idea about something,
good judgmen
give the idea a label and have tech the a
someone ask you to repeat it a encourage.
few times; then ask who's encourage
talking, where from, etc. I intuitive 1 i
oes it think you'll feel more free flows eedede
about using the idea or not MUNICATION?
after a very few minutes of
these questions. It seems that In your oily
after the verbal mind repeats Sweet, Holly
the words a few times, they
either sink into another part "Meant to
of the mind, or the other part your requesi
of the mind comes nearer the concerning t
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d. Either way, ence outfit. They are very
t of the mind nice folk, but no more scienthe idea comes tific than Aunt Keturah's rule
ws why the con- for molasses cookies ( 'You
wants to act on take about enough molasses and
making the body boil it about as you judge and
fashioned chain- mix it down with a good lump
an analytical of butter, pinch of salt, about
illness, fear, twice that in bakinsody, and
can be helped flour to make the right Stiff-Pearl Remick, ness to the dough' 1 -- made ex• cellent cookies, especially if
with the last you watched her at it and
d brwithchild 'Ab spotted the egg going in which
' she never remembered to menPurcell contri- Ah tion. Best thing was that you
ially fine... never had to complain of monng wanted wanted to know otony, for they were never
the field of the twice the same. Such is life.
rced researchers. But NOT science.
able' -- WOW. Is "I have visited their open
out-of-this-uni- occasions; they charge a dolive. One often lar 'token' fee to -- as o n e
is there a ' sta-, guest put it -- keep the bums
hie, 95%-sane in- out . Dr. Ann has a lot of good
sides one's self, stunts and is a most interest? ing talker...

CAN take these "The main reason I would
tlined in Ab and say definitely that she is far
TIME -- stable (I from clear is in the process
ans well-balanced she uses with groups. I obsane in behav- served this often enough to
, again I saY. make sure. She runs a complete
ve never read a tone cycle in a sort of monontation -- so there log and then has a kind of
nce there that it conversational teacher-ball
es? game with them. The group has
a question please a marvy time and so, apparents this revelation ly, does she -- but none of them
share make these seems to know what is really
Ito Do -Gooders going on and none of them can
bat still rankles duplicate it. When she is away
e. One offers a the procedures are entirely
t they escape be- different -- a kind of moral
noxious D.G.'s by lecture without the sparkle,
names) who SHOULD and absolutely no looping that
Huh? loop -- not knowing herself that
uestion for the she does it, she can't teach
ors (who have un- the others, of course.

NE ME SO MUCH "This group does many things
ANALYZER allied praiseworthy, by common sense,
al to, or afacet and has been a real haven for
ION? I inquire in a few old Dianeers who were
ss. people of good sense and good
that we entities will , real friendliness, but
mechanics, still exasperated by the general
dispute (cleared group meanness that has so
that evolved hu- often appeared in processing
rror-machines (at groups. For one thing, they
oning with the X- have always had very goodcan be 'inspired looking quarters, pleasant
via a process colors, evident good taste. At
intuitive KNOWING- first they were associated
appreciate learn- with some oculists -- Dr.Ann is,
tive qualities of I believe, an optometrist -- but
can be linked up later they bought and redid an
n alyzer—decision old run-down brownstone buildhether one should ing on Beacon Street, down neardiscard, this er the Public Garden -- a nice
n e of thought. location. They put in a lot of
de or release the work, did most or all of the
for CLEARED COM- painting and papering themIn their opinion? selves, and show a lot of
n? -Marie Phelps spirit of co-operation.
ood, Calif. "Nonetheless, all they have
is Dr. Ann and all she has is
respond sooner to one process which she handles
for more data by intelligent (and I CO mean
he Perceptual Sci- VERY intelligent) instinct. So
:GtM tltN, 1YD