Volume 4, Issue 8, page 9

9 T' S A FABULOUS concept, isn't it?
You don't have to ask anyone if you
can be it, you don't have to pray
to anyone for permission to be it;
you ARE it -- and as it, you can decide to
create any state of activity. It sounds
simple, doesn't it? But actually, as Totality, when you decide to do it, something begins to seep into our consciousness and we realize first of all that we
can do it, that nothing's going to hold
us back -- nobody can-do and that something
is quite a revelation.

On anyone on whom we do research -- and
right now we're working on philosophers --
I look for what they know about creative
imagination. That is my measuring rod. If
they have an understanding of this, I
know that they can function as Totality.
Some, quite a great deal ; others to a
lesser degree.

Spinoza is a darling. He knows about
the creative imagination. He doesn't go
as far as we know in Scientology and Totality about the creative imagination,
but-his concepts have helped overcome
those we got from Aristotle, Plato, and a
few others, and certainly have helped
civilization a great deal.

Did you know that he was excommunicated because he did not believe in God? He
was exiled from his church with a funeral.
They said his soul was dead -- can you imagine someone thinking a soul could die?
They said he didn't believe in God just
because he didn't believe in little men
inflicting fear on mankind. He believed
in God as a Universal Law -- as most of us
understand God today. And they excommunicated him!
Spinoza went into so-called exile, and
began to discover truth-philosophy. Exile
gave him an opportunity to do what he
really wanted to do.

Here is what Spinoza says about imagination. First, let us remember that some
of the words Spinoza uses are translations from Latin -- the language in which
most philosophy was written in Spinoza's
"Thought helps us to this larger view
because it is aided by imagination, which
presents to consciousness those distant
effects of present action, which could
have no play upon reaction if reaction
were thoughtlessly immediate."
Now, we will qualify this, and then we
will take it further as we know it to be
thru air investigations. "Thought helps
us to this larger view"