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Capsule History of Indian Migra
9'41/4am~HE HISTORY OF the American Indian
is a history of man, a history of
cif religion, of higher entities, and
it started when the surface of the
earth would not fit into any known topographical map of our ever-changing globe.

Our Indians originally came from Russia, in the area that is now the lower
part of Siberia and somewhat south. They
came thru the same conditions and evolution as did the Neanderthal, Piltdown,
etc., but were cut off from these groups
by land masses -- such as enormous mountain
ranges and vast distances -- that were very
difficult to traverse. They were in no
way related to what was much later known
as Mongols; these were a different group.

The area from which they came was very
hot -- but a far different type heat than
that of the tropics. Their entire civilization and its practices, of course, were
based on this heat and its effects on the
vegetation, game, and food substances. As
the climate began changing, cooling off,
their methods of living were upset. Not
far enough advanced mentally to cope with
these changes, they started following the
retreating heat -- going into areas similar
to their former one.

What is now known as the Bering Strait
was far north on the land mass then existing. What would be the North Pacific
ocean was much further south than it now
is. The Pacific ocean was only a shadow
of its present size.

The land mass, which was as far south
as what is now Oregon, was warm enough
that these migrators could follow their
accustomed ways of life as they moved
across what is now the Pacific Ocean.
There were masses of mountains, enormous
in height, running slightly diagonal --
somewhat north on the "Asian" side and to
the south on the "American" side. There
were many lakes.

Traveling was not too difficult, since
the migrants moved mostly thru the valleys
separating the tremendous mountain ranges,
They moved into what is now northern Canada, as it was pretty warm there then
and gradually filtered south into the
United States. However, the aborigines of
the south had a different origin.

The migration was not solid. It took
long time -- something like 5,000 years for
the temperature to change from very hot
to warm. There was little moisture in the

Huge animals, mostly of the bison
type (tough and stringy, such as are pictured in pictographs found in caves)
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