Volume 4, Issue 7, page 16

oy air, it stretcnea both ways es that creep
and inland past the horizon. infinity ente
Couldn't have covered an inch cussion -- so
under 8,000 or 10,000 square Greek logics
miles. The U.S. North Atlantic horror of it
Coast is the nearest present- their thought
day analog. I didn't get to their civili
see much of the place, having These paradoxe
been shot dead inside of 30 lution are w
minutes, but it surely wasn't Korzybski in '
the Bents' community... ity'
"Symbols -- Poo! She (Thela) "Then there
doesn't untangle symbolism of the mathema
from the data symbolized and Abel complain
makes a hash that who can use 'divergent ser
and apply? Besides, I think vention of the
materiality is advanced over ing them one c
spirituality. Pulling out of elusion he pie
the universe is like dropping why they have
out of college before gradua- fallacies and
tion. You just waste your ed- es...' Cantor
ucation. If these spiritual solve these i
people can't make a go of it transfinite n
here, let them quit if they "These f
like, but I wish they'd stop spilled eve]
warning the rest of us who are philosophy,
working here and enjoying it. of such as DU
"This Could (Mathison's went in Time',
letter) -- I've assumed, and In any discus
acted on the assumption all by metaphysic
along, that what each of us minded of
learned was ours , and Hubbard' s given above.
'restrictions and forbiddings' ''Infinity a
were hot air. The air is cool- religious phIl,
er now. I've no official cer- infinite once
tificate. If I can't audit into matter
without one, what've I been struggle back
doing off and on for 7 years?" nings. But t
-- Fred Nand, Houston, Texas. has another s
"The Aberree arrived and I from the mud
lower nature t
..:read first the editorials, nite future.
then Plowing Up the Field and be reconciled?
the Letters; then the arti- golden age m
Iles. 'Which End of the Tele- the time when
scope Is Used on Man' sure creature, whe
brings home an important point ant. Then he
that is often missed. bility, no
"One bit of news I might undone, no sin
pass on to you -- not good news, aware of his
however. Did you by any chance looked back
know Audrey Robbins, D. Scn., childhood wit
formerly of Seattle or Port- more personal
land but more recently the San the common dis
Francisco Bay area? She died terial is real
very suddenly (heart) on Sept. the womb. The
18. She was a powerful anchor son' perhaps d
point in our area even tho she tance of 'mat
had not been here long -- and we had a miserabl
feel we have lost a valued is afraid of 1
friend. She had started a pro- -
gram in Berkeley and her friends
"Yes, why don't you go take SEL
over there hope to carry on...
the new A. C . C. or Validation
Course and let us know how it Achieve
goes ?" -- Ellen M. Carder, San
Leandro, Calif. tizing ope
"Your editorials get better From 300% t0
every day. But I have a few of tape! W1
comments to offer on a subject
that seems to concern many
writers, in the Aberree and InS
outside of the circle as well :
Infinity, and Fate. P.(
"Let's look at infinity.
The term means 'unending'.
There are many subtle paradox16
a nu A a gu Hr i t
into logic when carefully swaddled in platirs into the dis- tudes. In both views, Fate
many that the looms large. Many people think
ns developed a man's future is ordained, but
that paralyzed is it? Dunne suggested life is
so much that like riding on a train. There
ation declined, are stations on the way, and
s and their so- one can get off and board anell handled by other train. Seabrook wrote of
Science and san- fan-shaped destiny, and of the
necessity for looking f o r
is the infinity guide-posts and road maps. The
tician. In 1828, Book of Changes says things
ed in a letter cannot remain as they are and
ies are an in- so change must come.
devil ... By us- "In the Bardol Thodol , or
an draw any con- Tibetan Book of the Dead, by
axes and that is Evans-Wentz, we are told of
produced so many the B a r d o , or after - death
so many paradox- plane, and of the souls who
attempted to re- enter it: of how they are givssues with his en an opportunity to take admbers. vantage of what they have
allacies have learned in life, but that most
^ into popular are too confused and frightIra the the writings ened to understand. Then they
nne -- 'An Expert- are shown where they erred in
and Ouspensky. life. Now, if they understand
sion of infinity they can still attain to a
ians, I am re- better future, but most are
bel's complaint too frightened. They imagine
themselves to be in a wild
lso enters into land pursued by wild beasts
sophy. Man was which are really split-off
but he descended portions of themselves, and
, and now must hence illusory. They try to
to his begin- hide in holes in the rocks.
he evolutionist But the holes are poor hiding
tory. Man rose places, for they are actually
, overcoming his doors to wombs on this plane.
o reach an infi- They escape from life to the
Can these ideas Bardo and they escape from the
I think so. The Bardo to life on earth. So
n fell from was they have done, and so they
man was a lower will do for many thousands of
n he was ignor- years. Creating Karma, they
had no responsi- live subject to the law of
ilt for duties Karma. And the chief instru. But he became ment of Karma is desire -- delimitations, and sire for peace, for forgetfulto his innocent ness, of desire to undo what
h longing. On a they have done. For man there
basis, perhaps is no peace until he faces his
like of the ma- worst enemy -- himself -- and
ly a longing for makes peace.
'spiritual per- "The Bardo-Thodol, I think,
enies the impor- outlines a philosophy which
ter' because he brings many things into focus.
e childhood and Life is a school for overcomife unless it is ing bad habits. If you don't
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