Volume 4, Issue 7, page 10

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How far out are you willing to extend your livingness? Discovering Totality is a pretty large-sized order. To
suddenly be confronted with the idea that
you are all things is staggering. As you
approach this, your concept of certainty
develops and you are able to accept these
things because you are these things.

You are you and you are used to you.
You've gotten real used to you. Some people don't LIKE themselves, but you're
very much stuck with you. I doubt if you
can be anybody else other than you unless
you become aware that you are Totality.
Then you are still you, but you are also
everybody else. What's the ramification
of this? What does this lead into?
Totality is a static. There is no motion in Totality -- yet we are used to
identifying the body and solving problems
with motion. So, the real "you" is without motion and is without. time, because
time is movement of these objects, and
motion is the time it takes a boat to go
across the ocean or a body to walk across
the floor or the hands of a clock to move
so far. This is the agreement about time.
But to you, as Totality, there is no time
-- there is only you, and these activities
going on within you. You are Supreme Intelligence. You think, and things occur.
When you think as Totality, as static, it
is smooth, subtle, and fast. It will happen so quickly that you may not even be
aware that you have thought it, and it
may appear so suddenly that you will be
startled and think someone else did it.
One of the vast difficulties in functioning as Totality is to be aware that you
did it -- that you really are this