Volume 4, Issue 7, page 4

week. In the intervening period he will
be constantly on the alert to find situations in which he can use his decision to

Any person, I don't care who he is,
can take the Synergetic work schedules in
order—the Bild - a -man kit, operation
traverse, Schedule A, Schedule B, director activation, and stability in the synergetic mode -- and can grow and evolve
thru their use. I make this statement

It was five years ago that I first be%ISearch for God
OST: ONE GOD in the vicinity of the
year 1957 A. D. Appearance, variable.

Could be found hiding in a blade of
grass, a tall tree, a breath inhaled
or exhaled, in a golden sunset, or a
handful of dirt. Answers to the name
of God, Jehovah , the Christ , Vishnu, Siva,
Brahma, Allah, Buddha, Materialism, ad
infinitum. Anyone finding him, PLEASE return to Owner, care this magazine. Reward? Don't be silly. You're supposed to
be going to it!
Nothing has consumed man in all of his
history more than a search for God. Each
individual prostrates himself at the foot
of some idol, physically or mentally, to
prove to himself that he truly exists and
will continue to exist. Imitating my predecessors, I, too, have spent most of my
time looking for that illusive 7th Principle. About the time I think I've found
Him, He eludes me. Where I least expect
Him to be, He dances at my fingertips.
I've spent considerable time reading
about my fellowmen engrossed in individual searches for divine essences. I've
seen them genuflecting in the churches,
clutching rosaries, meditating like Buddha, amusing their intellects by adhering
to the wisdom religion, looking for masters of wisdom, and temporarily being
carried away on some fanciful religious
fad made to order fora few straying egos.
Placing myself in line with the rest of
humanity, I recently completed reading a
book called "God Is My Adventure " . How
wonderful, thought I; someone just like
me has spent all his life looking for
God. But after I finished the book, I decided that God is NOT MY adventure! He is
my undoing so long as I search so diligently for him.

Wallowing in the concept of universal
creation of which we are said to be a
part, I decided it is after all that we
ARE truly a part of some Heavenly Man.
Just as the cell in the tissue of the
flesh of our calf is unaware of me -- its
macrocosm -- how in the hell could I be
aware of God, of whom I must be such an
inconsequential part? And He must be just
gan to work with the tools of Synergetics. It is only today that I am willing
to make a positive statement regarding
the effectiveness of those tools. But today I do make that statement. If you have
the faith, the patience, and the determination to use the tools of Synergetics
on a sustained basis for a sufficient
period of time, you will achieve the life
you desire.

The more you talk about your goals,
the less you do about them.
Is My Undoing"
about as aware of me as I am of that cell
in the tissue of the calf of my leg! Does
He concern Himself directly with the
sloughing off of that tissue in the bathtub? Do you weep when you trim your toenails? Then how utterly silly it is to
think that we would recognize God if we
saw Him. We can only conceive of Him by
looking into the faces of our neighbors.

So, I've lost my God! At first, I felt
pretty terrible about it. I went out into
the backyard last night and watched the
sun settle behind the tall California
trees. No God at all, How desolate. I
stooped in the garden and picked up a
handful of dirt and let it trickle thru
my fingers. I kicked the stone loose
which lay at my feet. A dirty little worm
scurried into the confines of its mother's bosom.

Then I broke out laughing. I saluted
the sunset, looked down at the worm as
its tail pulled the hole in after him,
and said, "Hi, God!" Then I walked to the
house to give the girls their nightly
bath and put them to bed.

So, if anyone sees my lost God, let me
know! Finder's keepers.
Evidence of how far psychiatrists are
preparing to go to help their fellow men
overcome their neuroses and psychoses was
demonstrated recently when the Oklahoma
Medical school awarded a $100 scholarship
to a psychiatry student for writing the
most helpful, most technical thesis on
one of the most burning issues of the
day: "The emotional difference between
persons who have been tattooed and those
who have not been tattooed"
The 1957 Massachusetts legislature has
cleared six women unjustly convicted and
hanged for witchcraft in Salem 265 years
ago. Presumably, no action will be taken
against the hysterical religious mob,
since it is believed all are incommunicado -- or something.
What will you be thankful for next year?