Volume 4, Issue 6, page 18

for the H.C. A. training and is it the audie
the A. C A.C. C. training, the preacher, o
"It has been my observation who makes the
in the chiropractic profession it so that the
that it is the successful ploiters when
practitioners who, by large, willing and ea
continue to return year after ed? Authoriti
year for refresher courses and those who want
training in new material. Why to do and think
should it be any different The demanders,
with auditors? ing what is derr
"I've been to 11 of the "Getting in
Palmer school lyceum courses, deeper, we migt
besides a dozen or more other are those sear
courses of instruction, since thing to belie
receiving my degree in 19 39 , waiting for
and I have yet to take any- them, rather th
thing, even at times when it themselves. Y
didn't seem entirely worth- them and dete
while, that didn't help pre- stronger and
pare me to do better work to answers. Aren't
some degree. ly lost? Is t
"As much as I like the Ab- ter than the b
erree, I'm sure you're leaning to nowhere anc
heavily on the side of ma- nowhere, don't
terial to please the scoffers up in the same
and cynics. Articles that low- "Guess
rate Jesus and slam others, dreaming w e
such as-the issue or two be- who will of dea
fore this current Aberree, guide
just aren't good material for the,and
the Judas-goat
your publication... sheep to thE
"Anyhow, I challenge you to techniques an
take the validation course -- on us'', so Io
just one more time. Then stay to do-i-ourse
in communication with us. We the techniques,
want to read your `Auditoria] s' answer, and
after the training." -- J.Hatvld lonely, still
Thibodeau, NyrtleBeach , S. Car. sation in know
"I should like to read moo" For is mohathat
something in The Aberree about
L. R. H. and the H.A.S.I. (or attempting of 'G
whatever it is called now, as nc
there does not finable.. Ia
appear to be lis-used late
any references lately as to would be better
how they are progressing (or is better than
the reverse). Any articles on because 'that'
the early history of L.R.H. vaguer. I like
and how he first started Dia- ings about 'th
netics would be yea interggsst- define is to dE
don, tome -E. T. Robins, Lon- bel is to 1 in
"Lundberg probably inflates down your crec
the ego of introverts tremen- sur- word - nep
dously by his blanket statement sure is an d
of their value to humanity, but data-bank and
feel his statement should be flat. such l
modified. Extremes in either feat. Got some I
introing or extroing are equal- working on toi
ly detrimental . The motion-be- some dhilyhoo
tween is what counts. Introver
sion without later action on
the 'out-there' is sheer escapism. Electra,
"Looking at your editorials
from a Phylosian (or lousian 1 ' L
viewpoint, could it be that by lrl
condemning preachers You are in
danger of becoming a preacher
(again?,? Aren't you preaching
against preachers? Does that
make you a preacher of sorts?
Why not reverse flows and condemn those allowing themselves
to be preached to? Could a
preacher survive as a preacher
if no one listened to him? Then 1;
get so s h e d n e e l i t i t d 0 a Eve e y a this
nce that makes tist revivalist-preachers, Took
r the preacher some doing!
audience? Isn't "Labels sure foul us up, alre are only ex- right. For instance, I 'm having
there are those fun with, some of Hubbard's laer to be exploit- bela in 'What to Audit'. Treats when there are ing them as purely symbolic,
to be told what and taking symbolism as an al)? ? Who is guilty? straction from reality, I have
or those supply- developed my own viewpoints as
to what's meant by the symboloo this a little g'