Volume 4, Issue 6, page 17

real research gets done, I'll set of perfect]
use what knowledge and judg- studies and
meat I already have. We never are, so far
got a set-up that gave judg- only compre
ment and responsibility enough leading to a
room -- you know that too, virtuoso techn
"Well , another generation 'First Studies
is coming along. Thank goodness and 'School of
we don't have to do it all in Playing' by R
one lifetime, with what there Recent publica
is to do with -- compared to were publish;
what there will be.Your globi- 1913 by Schirm
cides may be true, but I donne. available, t h
We came thru a lot, as a race, stores don't
up to here. We keep getting to they may haw
understand more, too -- Alma specially. Some
Hill, Fort Kent, Maine. plea behind thE
terest from
"Your idea of a lending li- some of the wb
brary is splendid. I believe tions of early
it will be a great success. "The whole
"Permit me to contribute 3 with the 'First
copies each of my booklets, bodies the ide
They are small but the message breeds success
they contain is big. I imagine cises are arr.
that even Scientologists have fully in order eat and need good teeth." -- that with regul
Dr.N .S. Hanoka, Chicago, Ill. success follows success, with I
"I've been out of touch more than
with Scientology in Portland failure.
for well over a year now, and "Then, too
find that I now am doing so later studies
many things I'd probably not cally difficult
have time for it without mas- the beginner'
sive schedule-juggling, should compared to
anything really worthwhile pianistic tech
show up therein, designed to
"I had to laugh long and their presenta
loud when I saw Hubbard's Axle to Hubbard'
'Rights of the Field Auditor', ing up 'horrib
dated May 15 , 1957, which says reality then b
the Field Auditor has right to comparison.
have and to hold his certifi- "Jo se f f y
cates without cancellation by sensed that
anyone forever. What will they hand and fingE
have to promise next to attract gauging inter,
new -- well, let's call them with the end
clients? in playing and
"Really, the, I've been de- arranged his ex
voting much more of my time to one simply can
renewed piano study of the do- tomatically.
it-yourself variety and to a reams of studie
series of harmony classes the er completely
Portland Park Bureau has seen cautioned his
fit to provide without charge his exercises
for interested parties. uninteresting
"For the benefit of any of wise to have
your readers who may be inter- the music rack
ested...I' d like to mention a read while pro
For Southeastern Re]
Zr. j. i/aro
Validated Hubbard
(Latest Model Ele
Box 85 Myrtle Bea(

OCTOBER IQS7 D V D D V e hi te t s a st p o , ' l ; c n w c l
of difficulty and compounds a
y amazing piano with J. These exercises also
xercises which insist on differentiation (anas I know, the other technique of Hubbard's,
ensive studies as I recall ) between superfireal ly complete, cially similar note configuraque. They are tions.
for the Piano' "Each page brings forth at
Advanced Piano least one new revelation about
afael Jo seffy. the state of my piano playing.
ions? No, they I've been sometimes pleasant1 in 1902 and ly, sometimes horribly surer and are still prised by my attention being
o many music forcibly called to things
stock them , and about my technique I never noto be ordered ticed before.
of the princi- "Keep your eyes open for
m may be of in- anything significant that'd
he viewpoint of interest those of us who are
rthwhile conten- still hoping to find, some
Scientology. day, something truly theraseries, starting peuti c." -- Jon R. Skinner,
Studies', em- Portland, Ore.
a that success
and the exer'b ur postman, having this
ged so care- morning left for me the Jy/Aug
ar application, Aberree, I started the day with
a joyful feeling. This lasted
ittlde chance of all day and is with me now -- at
mall, temporary 9: 15 p. m. Writing to let you
know the accurate and descrip, some of the tive name for the 'presleep
re so fantasti- tape' is 'Twilight Sleep Tape'.
( compared to ( See P. 15, Volney Mathison',.
viewpoint, or (ED. NOTE -- Sorry, but that washe problems in n't the name in the envelope.',
ique they are "I find at 75, next birthday ,
vercome 1 that all life is fun. Today, the
ion is compara- paid comics are as necessary to
s idea of mock- the sanity of the masses as the
e futures' -- the 'comic' (official name 'court
comes simple by jester') was to the kings of
England years ago. Hubbard is a
seems to have Quaint Comic. Gracios for the
ertainty as to Aberree, the King Comic." -- C.M.
r placement and Philipps, Singleton, Blackpool,
al s comes only England.
of automaticity
has diligently "I had a friend in diffiercises so that culty one time and he visited
ot do them au- his minister for some counselCz erny (whose ing. He said, this friend of
s I now consid- mine, that he had a little
obsolete) once spark of faith before he called
students that on the preacher, but damned if
ere so dull and the preacher didn't blow it
they would be out ! ...
book open on "Your last letter to me is
so they could an outright attempt to knock
ticing! Not so the enthusiasm out of a fellow
d Z5`i ibodeau
Certified Auditor
h, So. Car. Phone 5942