Volume 4, Issue 6, page 16

struction also, but that's on 'movements' th
the inference level and, of thing but a
course, indeterminate. Not ec- especially du
stasis (the standing forth of century or so.
the soul from the body as with the bombastic
thetans) but ecdysis (the shed- as tho Sciento
ding of the soul as in moulting), other fad. Th
"I've classified the meta- be some people
physic of Hubbard's Axioms. It I doubt whethe
is a dialectic, as with Hegel the world much
and his big adversary, Marx. the other g
Thesis (as-isnessl gives rise Since D & S
to antithesis (alter-isnessl more ancient '
thru negation (not-isness) to tain people
produce synthesis (is - ness 1, these (perhaps
Also , thesis (start) by way of themselves'
contradiction (change) gives certain numbe rise to antithesis (stop ) etc. for some time
"I like the (Aberree's ) du- even ran acroalism cover. It can be construed cle somewhere
to harmonize with Einstein's that a small '
formulation about 'objective ers of the' I
observation of al 1 that i s still in exist
available for immediate percep- "Can you
tion and in the interpretation vagueness of
of facts without preconceived formation put
ideas'. Non-physical effects -- ualistic medi
memory, telepathy, insight, em- of work done
pathy, psychokinesis, ecstasis, Lauer? Any
esthetics, etc. - -are available subject? Used
for immediate perception, and that, toocan be interpreted as facts. mean." -- Bob BY Without preconceived ideas? Not trtnsjort, Yo
easily, but it's possible. The
observation o f preconceived "School st
ideas? Hubbard calls that 'pro- runs a couple
cessing'. As for a scientific shuts down fo
datum having to be repeatable? weeks of pota
Wrong. A nova is not repeata- some processin
ble, but it's a scientific but still hoI
datum." -- Fred Band, Houston , ple that le
Texas. best results.
"Liked your articles -- 'God's " su thehat
Plan', P.2, and 'Medical poi- are sure that
atIon loves th
sons', P.3. I practice by these evidence is ri
principals myself. Also use pastel-painted
Dianetics. Results -- very good." silt' waxed marl
-- E.E.Rogers, M.D., Vancouver, oleum floors,
B.C., Canada; old folks mus
"I believe that L L. R. H .'s and shelled ou
attitude of condemning every- that with ki
thing and everyone that did make for bett
not enthusiastically support kind deeds are
him started the ball rolling better, even i
towards a more careful scru- with harsh fag
tiny of his statements. Checked undesirability
back on some of his earlier during lesson
writings and compared them with "We scan
later material. Plenty of dis- a few intentior
crepancies. Of course the con- they are hono
tinued negative results in the missed les
processing contributed to fur- more for good
ther doubt about the tech- derstand our m
niques, etc. Right back to the ter. Granted
idea that it may work for some is not new --
but not for all . Not even the stand it with
50 percent or even the 30 per- uage barriers.
cent of the 50 percent that they already k
Scientology claims. "Of course,
"Granting that medicine, girl last yea]
science, religion, and all the hostility, I
other schools of thought, etc., several times
are like the horse with blind- a lot of yell in
ers -- we still have to admit then turned
that there are sincere indi- her off but
viduals in all these fields what she manta
who hope to improve the lot of was milder
homo sapiens. There have been school closed,
1R f s b t k ta th m u o n an
at have been no- cally gentle. Communication is
lash in the pan, where you find it, you know
ring the last that.
In spite of all "I wouldn't trade my auditclaims, it looks ing and processing experience
logy is just an- for anything. But until some
ere will always
who hang on but Are You Playing
r it will change
more than any of aa 3 g
ies' or 'isms'.
were founded on
truths' and cere c A
will recognize
in spite of
there will be a
of followers aAlIlD
to come . Heck ,s a short artito the effect
band' of followMP movement t was
ence .
account for the
most of the inforth by spirit ms and and the sort TO WIN? OR LOSE?
y Miss (Dorothy)
heories on the W, Len Hamil ton, D.D.,
to dabble in D. Scn., who conducts
- spiritualism,
SSH I the most successful
oh , taaupan..

Gong Guidance Center in New
cam J
England, if not the Na::
arted last week ; tion, has just published
weeks more, then
r three to five "YOUR LIFE AND
o harvest...I do
g after school , SCIENTOLOGY"
d to the orinci st force gives a small , 52-page booklet giving the trans ntthe, all older the kids ds criptionsof four of Dr.
em, because the Hamilton's public lec ght there in the tures , plus a one- hour
walls and glos- Group Processing Ses le-checked lin- sion. These lectures
They know the are selected to demon t have dug down strate to you how YOU
t I. I al ways say may WIN THIS GAME
ds is, kind words CALLED LIFE.
er rapport, but
understood even Chapter headings:
f the words deal
ts, such as the OLD AGE and Scientology
of target games YOUR ENERGY and Scientology
e incident, run and Scientology
s and make sure YOUR REACTION TIME and Sci rabl e , make up entology
son and do some
easure, and un- "Len's lectures are on a
tual world bet- good beam, and clear " --
that the process writes an advcm ced student
the kids under- of Scientology from South
r without lang- Carolina.

It fits what
cases vary. One Price: $I.00
, jittery with (When you order, please men sat down with tion The ABERBEE.)
and listened to
;andcomplaints; SCIENTOLOGY
around and told GUIDANCE CENTER
good. That was
d. Each time it 105 Hampden Street
d by the time Indian Orchard ,Mass.
she was practi1CTOBER, 1957