Volume 4, Issue 6, page 15

in question. One thing O'Neill ed, o r al way
might have stressed a bit more fault finding,
-- the 'malicious gossip' is NOT thief, and sp
such in his/her own mind. The o f others...
distortion takes place in the doctrines are
communication-INPUT of the per- ant to me. Reli
son, usually... 'interpretation al , and if
of events, rumors, and passing changes life
fancies...a projection of hoe- ives," -- Rev.
tility' is a very good descrip- nibal, Bfo.
tion of the distorting process;
'victims were often taken by "This came
surprise and remained mystified recently, and
and baffled by the sudden at- thy of your pub
tack' solidly covers our own "'The Four
reaction, except that we didn't to Truth, inven
remain baffled for more than a glican Mage, Bi
few days. Nothing like a good 0 . F. M. -- 1.
dian-etc. background to help fragile and uh
unravel things. tY. 2. Custom.
"I strongly agree with your fection of un
grotch at people discussing God ses. 4.Conceal
as a phenomenon external to ance .'
themselves -- granted 'God' with "Sent for
all the implications, how can Group Processin
there be anything ELSE, includ- dilly. Really
ing people and other minor ab- tures are on a
errations? (Or do you care clear. Ron's I
about the petty misbehaviors, of Then and No
or rituals of worship, of your More Solid,
own personal leucocytes and beam. I can see
phagocytes? Are either of these with too many n
your 'chosen people' ? 1 .. , lates makes
"Your 1 etter col . occasion- knowingness unc
ally seems to be going 'out the observed it
top', only sideways." -- F.M.Bus- people -- their
by, Seattle, Wash. become more so
the non-solid (
"Attacks upon the ministry I their religious
am used to, and perhaps that is "Have also o
why I pay so little attention at our foundat
to them. I yield to each man make things mo
the right to think as he pleas- failing to do
es. I consider it my task to came more solid
study my people and to present eating', as m r
the Gospel to them in ways that been heard to s
will cause them to think -- but "Also bell
realize that with many I will Science difficu
not accomplish my objective. As nial of the evid
to whether my religion is true selves produce
or false -- as to whether your this' before
religion is true or false -- as lates mi,g~hht be
to whether someone else's re- Alberta l;lllot
ligion is true or false -- I am S. Car.
likely to be influenced in my
thinking at that point by the "I've made
behaviour of the individual . I the last year.
expect manhood to come out of sons in Living'
religion... while of 20 min
"What KIND of a person does ual izing , got
your religion or my religion jobs and now
make us -- men who are clean, Civil Service
kind, noble, trusting, or men Engineers. I fi
who are little, narrow, sectar- ing Father a sl
ian, bitter? What kind of a getting Mathiso
person does it make you and I Just 3 weeks --
at home? Men who are more lov- if it will cure
ing, , gentle , patient , thought- the encouragin
ful of others, or men who are we're doing s
^ore bad-tempered, selfish, just waiting fo
tyrannical, stingy ? What kind thanks to ABER
of a person does it make you ually comir.g ou
and I in business? Honest, Ilk- ning payment
able, thoughtful , service wor- Our boy born in
thy, or given to sharp-dealing, breast-fed unti
surly, slothful, and selfish? no illness at
What kind of a person does it couple days r
make you and I in church? Loyal talking now at
workers, sharers, mission-mind- eral dozen words
s o E S T dg a t st e R
criticising, does everything several months
living on mis- ahead of other babies. We are
il ing the lives so proud of him; have been of
Denominational all our 3 children, but he is
not too import-. the easiest to care for and
gion is person- the healthiest.
it is true, it "Thank you for helping us
and its object- keep in touch with the field
d.Lathrop, Han- so we could finally work our
way out " -- Frances woodard,