Dear Editor

"ABERREE just arrived. It unfolds like a breath of spring! You are doing a great job and t providing us with a lot of fun.

"As you suggested in one o your letters, I started out to un do ten thou, words for you, or s After flopping thru barrier after barrier, it finally reached v around a hundred thou, words, To cuta long story short I wh finally found myself right thru s into the clear with mountains 9 of data piled in an endless 'e vista, all of which didn't met_ ter one damn!! Today the word ing is dow n to around forty is no horizon to the physical LI thou. and I think further paring will make it fit to go between a couple of hard covers, t I think you will agree that it contains a few 'kicks'. There onl universe. A space ship leaving the surface of this planet, and traveli ng at 1,000 MPH, would enter in the log at spaced intervals the same line forever and ever-- 'On all sides today f we passed more and yet more t planets'.

"Force and counterforce--
Force ---> <--- Counterforce
This you can HAVE.
Force alone---)
You CANNOT have.

So on it goes. God as a creator and a Physical Universe as a Creation must both arise at the same time; neither can exist a without the other. Man has had a lovely time on the Creation I Game--he has `GOD' all over place-- brass, stone, wooden, and unseen. That particular m spiral is now running a bit a thin, and the time won't be far y off when we will see man e from his age of religious superstition, all based on belief, which, of course, has na-Vine whatever apart from a basis upon which to construct rules for any particular game,

"The 'TRUTH' and the 'LI Once again you cannot have t one without the other, and the must both arise at the same time. Neither can become an a solute --the maximum of swi tolerance in either direction is 90% thruout the whole of creation. Have a look at the ' iceberg-- one-tenth know n or seen, and nine-tenths unknown or unseen. Again have a look the latest electron microscope --the split image can be con verged to 90%, take it any fur ther than that toward the absolute and do you know what y see? NOTHING! This is the basi law of ALL creation, and it is not so due to the 'DIVINE WIS oom'or pleasure of any partictular God; it is thus because IT IS THE ONLY WAY IT CAN BE!

"The Known and t5e Unknow There are no exceptions to this law. If you extend the known, in the same instant you extend he unknown--forever in the ratio of nine to one. The spiral f of action in all creation com der the same law. Any group ociety can only become 90% pl good when it will at once reverse direction and degenerate, t which swing will again reverse n it has become 90% evil. No ingle man can become more than 0% 'good', nor more than 90% t vil'. The most truthful article you can publish in The ABERREE must contain at least 10% of the 'LIE'.

"And so it goes. Don't weary of well doing... The joke is-- this old Universe NEVER BEGAN-- or can it EVER END! There is only ONE kind of life-- ETERNAL LIFE!"--Dr.jfiwnes Clark,Balbeattie, Scotland.

I liked -ThelWNewcomer's pages. It is a big help to us errees who are so busy trying to get a free choice in our own futures that we don't have time to check on the general future fe which is more or less fixed. Would appreciate a page now and then like this of general in terest."--Roby LaMarche,Wakefield,R.I.

"I W ill not say under oath r otherwise, which planet I am from. I have been here on earth as an-observer for quite a number of years. Somehow or other I have missed the Aberree until this July- August issue. Your Auditorial in this issue leads me to wonder if perhaps you too are from Planet (?). Of course you may be just an earthman who is a little off his rocker. I believe crazy is a word used to describe a person that thinks a little and doesn't let his mind flow along with the crowd, in the groove set by the propaganda mahines of the powers that be. You didn't take your auditorial quite far enough, tho; were you afraid of stepping on some toes? How about the churches, all of them, iiicluding such hucksters as Billygoat raham.? Graham said, and I quote from the Miami Herald, 'Wherever I preach in the United States, I speak to people as if to 12-year-old children.' Naturally he does. Who else would listen to him. Listen to him or not you will help pay his way. For he and his kind are also tax exempt. Not only the church itself, but all of their holdings, apartment houses, business buildings, etc. And who pays taxes on all of ese businesses? Guess. Now if Elvis Presley wants to ride in a pink C adillac you are not taxed to pay for it. You have a choice, you can buy his records or not, just as you choose. Not so with the preachers, you are taxed for their upkeep.

"Well, if you have read this far let's change the subject. Have you noticed lately what a play some of these hero escapees from other countries are getting? Radio and television appearances telling what terrible ordeals they went thru trying to escape? And did you see by the papers where a group of ungrateful, pigheaded U. S. students are trying to get into one of those bad countries? Just for a tour of observation they say...

"After writing the above I had better state for the record that I am not a communist, I have never been a communist, I never expect to be a communist, and I do not think there is such a thing as a communist. And neither am I pro-Russian."

_ Joseph Gunter, VeroLleach,11a.

"Here in Seattle, Civil Defense would have some meaning with regard to the fission bomb but is idiotic for fusion-- whole town bottlenecked by bridges and all initial routes funneling into one jammed road to the north (a little better for the southern part of the city). Around here,I think it's accepted that the only defense against the H-bomb is 'Don't ANYBODY pull the trigger'. The best way for preventing war is to get this idea across to everybody, on both sides of the iron curtain.

"This month's Dynamo article was memorable here chiefly for its classic description of 1.1 (repressed hostility) behavior. (I still maintain that the term can be used to describe behavior but not PEOPLE). Having been sprayed by a little of that 1.1 stuff lately from an unexpected source, it was interesting to ee how closely O'Neill paralleled our own analysis (after we'd simmered down) of the party