Plowing Up the Field

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1 Laura Webster, one of the included the
pioneer Scientologists and a fiction conven
graduate of the 18th Advanced natti in late
Training course, who lives in trip thru I1
Washington, stopped in Myrtle and Ohio this
Beach, S. car., to visit Dr. why, he said,
,~. Harold Thibodeau on her way thing about t
to a Florida vacation, But it and miles betty
wasn't his services as a chir- when the Labo
opractor she was seeking, we vas held her
understand. The two were el- Chairmen Walt
low Scientology students, and Corey hiccup
Scientologists always can find more than 100
a few techniques to discuss the Oki acorn V
when they get within hailing as far away as
distance of each other... ¶ We and the north
know a funny story on "P ,F." . borders. Anyw
who , thru the columns of The a crowd. Ye E
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n't-did sell an E-Meter, but of Scientolo
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in the case, we're just going that not more
to keep on giggling to our- of that huge
selves. "p. F." says it's an ever had hear
expensive I au gh, but we've Scientology, o
paid more for less... Hubbard. So.
i .IQ,gn "R-Cell " Rrn l (Box either making
158, Lemoore, Calif.) writes explanations
that he has been so busy doing audience out
research on the king crops of with us, we
this great valley" that he's to science fi
had no time for letters. Now, lenium or so
as the growing season nears an chiseled on s
end, he intends to write finis inscribed on
to his mimeographed "sorry" handed down
forms with which he has been people of toda
answering his mail since mow doctrines...
ing to the west coast from T J . Herold
Massachusetts...9 ILon Purcell , with his wife,
who has spent the last seven ropractic Glin
years or so investigating Dia- olina (not pai
netics, Synergetics, Pelley- ing in for
f d tr s gn c~ 1, w a e r to th g b o s ag s S
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owes, an may-g way, and now wonders how
sn- called "gifts they can squeeze in intensives
inally has turn- and still keep up with the
efinitely down a adjustment business. Just to
ving unqualified be sure the entire family has
o one of these the proper attitude, Dr. Thibkable". We could odeau has enrolled both his
tell you panting 15-year-old son and 16-yearhich one Don has old daughter in courses at
e we know many Washington... 9 Fred ad
n of
ize and respect Houston, who's on his second
and judgment -- (or is it third?) year o f
nice. Don wrote studying psychology at Houston
it for The ABER- University, gothis first "fee"
e will use next the other day for processing,
e don't want to psychoanalyzing, or whatever
rticle with one you wish to call making somepeek.., ¶ Adele one believe you can help them
the pioneers in straighten out the mess they
ntology of the think they've made of tryings.
pretty postcards It was a"contribution" of $25 ,
ationing in Hon- and Fred admits he was down to
o her pleasure 92at the time, with a new
rrupted by re- set $118 teeth in his mouth.
few intensives, unpaid for. But, there will be
o titillate our other fees, Fred -- and probably
sting it's much other sets of teeth... IN-ot
han in Enid, but that this has anything to do
won't be by the with the above items, but last
this, you can't week we read one of those
homa Indian Sum- "helpful" books that seek to
e one... tell you Who God is, who Man
of Seattle, al- is, and what the latter should
e's a rabid sci- do to keep in good with the
"fen" ( that's Firmer. The residence of God,
plural for fan, it said, is in the exact cenlural for man), ter of Infinity, which gave us
Midwest science a chuckle that lasted a couple
tion at Cinci- days...

June, during his Iben_ u and Jac~tie jIinois, Indiana, mael moved-3-mm Ok aroma otT
summer. That's to Los Angeles a few weeks ago,
he could do no- they first located in a neighe couple thous- borhood not mutually agreeable,
een him and Enid or some such thing. Jackie
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ay, it was quite peep at—or get used to it.
d had a bit of Anyway, she's very emphatic
e metamorphosis about liking the California
y from (II sci- cl imate, al tho she admits she's
and was surprised beginning to wonder if it ever
than one or two rains out there..,, 1 Riley
throng of "fen" crabb who has been spearheadd of Dianetics, mg "flying saucer" reports in
/ even of L. Ron the Pacific, is moving from
eing forced into Honolulu to California, he relong historical ports in the last Akualele Reor having our search Group Bulletin. The
f communication move, he fears, will mean the
witched quickly demise of the "Bulletin" if
ction of a mil- not the Akualele Group itself,
o -- mainly that which fellow enthusiasts in
tone tablets or the U. S. and elsewhere will
kin scrolls, and regret. However, we suspect
to the serious Riley's interest and research
y as dictums and will continue, no matter what
his address , . , 5 Gordon BeckThibodeau, who stead, one of e—1cT-timers
operates a chi- T 5ianetics. Ron Howse-ism,
is in South Car- and medical psychology, is und adv.), is go- derstood to be reopening his
cientology in a Foundation. Probably Phoenix.