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not been produced, but that no clears had been produced. Having spent many times 20 hours in processing with Di anetic techniques w ithout producing the state of clear, I decided to study the problem independently. Synergetics was the result, as many of you know.

We now come to one of the chief differences between Synergetics and Dianetics . We have the same goal that Dianetics originally had, but we use entirelydifferent methods. Thispoint cannot be emphasized too strongly. Failure to realize this has been the source of much confusion. I will illustrate this by an example later on. In Dianetics. the basic technique is to run out the m aterial, by going over it again and again until the individual comes up the Tone Scale. Now,this isa good technique. Many ofus in Synergetics still use it, on special occgsions. It did not, however, produce "clears".

In Synergetics, in 1952, we did Produce clears! By this I mean individuals who

observably acted without impedances. Unfortunately, the state was only temporary, lasting a few hours to perhaps a week or two. The fact remains that we didproduce the state; and doing this, even if only temporarily, was a very exciting thing. How we did it will be described in the next article.



We can conceive of only 3 states of Being, i. e., plus, minus, and zero They can be arranged in groups of three in only 11) ways, viz; +4+, ++-

++0, +00 , + ■ 0 , --0 , -oo, and ono. The Arabians did not invent the decimal system. They rediscovered it. Each state of Being or each sign appears in 6 combinations.

Slaughter has laughter in it and funeral has fun.

How synergistic is Synergetics?

The FEDA and the CEDA Sequences and Analytical Procedure are, by definition of the words"sequence" and "analysis" , a separating. a dividing, a tearing apart-- whereas synergy means to integrate or bring together. Tracking down things and ferreting them out to view is also anti-synergic.

But, if it takes GET and GEL and a host of other alphabetical do's and don't's to soup ourselves together, and if we must disintegrate first before we can integrate, then let's call a spade a spade and say that we must practice dysergy as a way to synergy. Also, that we must unstabilize ere we can stabilize. Only those who are stable cannot stabilize, just as those who are dead cannot die. Lest we live we cannot die. Let's say we must undo ourselves in order to become that which we al ready are.

When things are in the synergistic mode, they are all in ONE--zeroized. When we explain synergy we are compelled to take the ONE apart, di-surgically. SD the very thought of synergy is dysergy. Synergy is self-evident. An explanation of it is dysergy.

"The steps are thru the undertow" is a gem from O'Neill's Dynamo.

And the farther out we go, the stronger is the undertow.

Synergetically Yours


COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 1--

The big news from Synergetics this month is 'Operation Stable'.

Operation Stable is an organized program for developing synergic individuals-- individuals who have 'stabilized' in the synergic mode. Such individuals are sometimes referred to as 'stables'. A synergic individual is one who is: (11 free of all aberrations (called 'impedances' in Synergeticsl; (2) fully released from the bondage o f mind-dwell ing ' -- identifying with consciousness and will-- and who therefore functions as a whole human being, and (31 has entered into a state of creative evolution, called Accelerated Growth, in which continuous growth and development occur at an accelerated pace.

Operation Stable was made possible by the rapid development of synergic tools which has taken place recently. This development, culminating in 'Schedule B', now makes it possible for the average individual working alone without technical knowledge of Synergetics, to achieve the synergic mode at least temporarily. Once the synergic mode has been achieved, that attainment of stability is only a matter of time and sustained work-effort.

The approach to stability in the synergic mode is not a 'one- shot' affair, but a steady increase in the percentage of time the individual is synergic. When an individual is synergic 50% or more of the time, he is said to have entered the prevelopments in Synergetics have aroused a tremendous enthusiasm in the Synergetic community. W e have available, in the do-it-yourself kits and other tools, a powerful battery of tools. We have available addistable interval. A number of individuals already have done this. The number of 'stables' will not be made public; by their acts shall ye know them. The recent revolutionary detional tools from other schools to use as needed. The progress we have made, thru work, means we have that less far to go. It is too early to say we have reached the end of the journey, but we can definitely say that the goal is in clear sight.

A note of caution: The best estimate is that by July, 1958, there will be fewer than a score he enters is of even greater significance; but this increase is still a finite gain. A few hundred ' s tables ' c an achieve as mu oh as several thousand 'normals' ; but the power of such a group of 'stables' to of 'stables '; by July, 1959 , no more than 200; by July, 1960 , less than a thousand. The increase in the powers of a synergic individual is great, and the state of accelerated growth 'generate synergy' will still be less than the power of a billion reactive individuals-- or a few thousand in key spots --to produce dysergy.

What counts is that the increase of synergic individuals will help man , for the first time, to assume clear, rational control of his own destiny.