Volume 4, Issue 6, page 10

within the capacity of each man to receive and act upon or transmit them.

It has become the custom of man to
pray, to ask the Father to "make so" ,
whatever man desired. And so does the
Father, for it is the law that "What ye
ask for, believing, ye shall receive."
But this occurs only if man does his
part. If man asks, then sits back and
waits, he accomplishes little of his desire, for the Father is not his servant,
and does not treat him as a master or as
a helpless invalid. The Father provides
man with every capability by which he may
bring his desire into manifestation. Man
must see his desire, formed in the Universal Substance. Having seen it, he must
consider how to make it his own. This
he never does merely by staying on his
knees. He takes action; this action is
the Father's answer to man's prayer.

It works like this: A man thinks of
the house he would own. Until he thinks
of it, it exists nowhere. When he thinks
of it, he begins to fashion it invisibly.
in Universal Substance. He sharpens t h e
corners of his vision by constant mental
improvement and re-examination, sharpens
it further by drawing up plans on material paper, with a material pencil. If he
does not feel that he can do justice to
his right desire.. he calls in an architect, explains his drawing and adds to it
with words. The invisible house grows so
that the architect is able to make a professional drawing of the contemplated
house, which exists already, subject to
constant amplification, in Universal

The building begins, and can be changed repeatedly until the very last. Even
then it can be demolished and rebuilt,
and rebuilt again, according to the expanding heart's desire. For heart's desire constantly expands, even as, according to science, does the universe of universes. This expansion is that "help" we
have asked of the Father, provided us,
"filled, pressed down, and running over" .

In the end the house is completed, and
forever thereafter subject to revision,
alteration, additions, ''spring housecleaning".

This is the technique of prayer, more
scientifically exact in operation than
anything mundane science has evolved --
except that prayer by which science does
evolve, anything.

Man speaks the "word", then, or thinks
it, and the shape of it is instantly
drawn in Universal Substance. He fills
the form with mindstuff, which travels in
all directions, to anywhere and everywhere, seeking the visible substance and
the instruments by which manifestation
takes place, and the thing envisioned becomes the house, the car, the bank account, the foreseen activity. Take note,
however, of the word "activity". The
Father activates man that man may have