Volume 4, Issue 6, page 9

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Chapter 6 -- PRAYER
VERY ACTIVITY of man is a prayer of
worship, a paean of praise. It is impossible to go out without the Father, to come in without Him. You do
not rise up or lie down without Him.

T o make any move is to pray to the
Father that it be. The atheist who does
not pray, tho perhaps not by word of
mouth, is neither atheist nor man, for
without the Father he can be neither the
one nor the other. He could not be an
atheist without the Father. Man breathes
but by the Father, inhaling and exhaling
by the Father. Man eats of the Father' s
food -- there is no other Owner -- and prays
that it appear when he visualizes it; for
in his mind, where he prays (because human mind is the channel of prayer), he
sees the food, and the Father makes it
so, thru all the avenues by which food
comes to man's table, for all the avenues
are likewise of the Father.

When man envisions any thing that he
would have -- a house, a car, a flower, a
child, a pet