Volume 4, Issue 6, page 8

of something you cannot see on the visible level. You cannot work on this plan
of induction, or working out a problem
followed by working out a succession of
other problems, rather than setting up a
hypothesis, or a goal, and developing
toward it.

This, in a sense, would be correct if
we understand the book. We do not want to
follow our compulsions. He understood
this—that your immediate thought that
you seize and dwell upon might be a
compulsion -- but he was unable to qualify
it further. As Totality, we can ask, Is
this a compulsion? Is it not a compulsion?
-- run it both sides by what we call a
dichotomy, and we can view both aspects.
While we are doing this, we are releasing
-- if it is a compulsion rather than a
creative thought -- the subconscious recordings of the compulsion. We then are able
to evaluate it as Totality, not on the
physical level, but on the creative level..

Bacon said we should put weights on
these ideas rather than give them wings.
Ibis. to me, is a fearful man talking.
This is a man who has not learned to use
his imagination. Inductive thinking shuts
down any and all imagination.

We can take this a bit further. Einstein said, "Imagination is greater than
knowledge". He always used the deductive
method. He would set up an imaginative
situation and challenge himself to see if
he could discover facts leading up to it.

Will Durant says, somewhat sarcastically, in answer to this, "Imagination
may be the greatest enemy of the intellect, whereas it should be only its tentative experiment". He's modest. Tentative experiment -- only its temporary, preliminary understanding and experiment. But
we say even more than that. We say that
imagination is You as Totality in action.
This we know, and this we have discovered
from our way of doing research.

We know that Francis Bacon had quite a
cryptic tongue. He defeated himself with
this. But this sort of thing has gone
down and is now affecting our youth.

Of philosophers, Bacon said: "They
deal with infinities; with the careless
assurance of grammarians handling infinitives, and yet does any man know what
this infinite is, or whether it has even
taken the precaution of existing?" Is
this not bitterness coming out? Let us
recognize this. He said, "Philosophers
talk about the first cause, uncaused, or
first mover, unmoved, but are not these
again fig-leaf phrases used to cover
naked ignorance and perhaps indicative of
a guilty conscience in the user?" You see,
unfortunately there will be many persons,
and especially young people,, who will
read such things, and without the advantage of evaluating it as Totality, they
could be burdened for all of this lifetime, or even take these recordings into
8 the next lifetime, because this type of
recording brings us back to the earth

Before Bacon died, he said, "Men are
not animals erect, but immortal gods. The
Creator has given us souls equal to all
the world and yet satiable not even with
a world." He also said, "Everything is
possible to man". This he said after he'd
been forced out of politics by something
he did, but we won't go into that because
it isn't important. He then had five
years to consider philosophy. Just before
he died, he made the statement that his
soul he willed to God and his teachings
to Man of all nations. Will Durant very
understandably said, "We know that the
nations have accepted his philosophy and
teachings," but he didn't say any more.
This leaves us to realize the damage that
has been done and can continue to be done
when such philosophies are still being
taught in our universities and schools

We're not criticising Bacon for not
understanding that he was speaking out of
his own subconscious mind. He could not
give us more than what he had to give.
But it is up to us to have this awareness
as Totality, because it is thru this concept of Totality that we can discover
what is right for each of us, and that it.
is unnecessary to take any man's word for

"As you have probably read
elsewhere, L. Ron Hubbard has
personally directed his associates to notify all auditors
that every certificate of
every grade is as valid today
and as honored as it was upon
the day it was issued.
"Concurrently, personal
communication has been re-established between Ron and myself." -- Volney G. Mathison ,
Los Angeles, Calif.

The ABERRES always has insisted that a
certificate, once issued, covers a level
of training as of the certificate's date,
and is not a license of fealty. We hope
the above news indicates a trend, which
will lead to unity in the "field", and end
an era of non-communication, ex-communication , and just plain "Not-ISness" of former students who dare believe they, too,
could travel their own concepts o f a
"better bridge" to thought and action If
their decision was aberrated, it in itself
was an indictment of the processing and/or
training which had been "guaranteed" to
clear them of such aberrations.

Also. it may indicate that some of the
new processes really DO work , and that the
top echelon of Scientology is doing something about its own string of aberrations.