Volume 4, Issue 6, page 6

greater the change is in how a mind views
himself and his environment. The lowertype man may see and consider and conclude
on only the necessities of physical existence. As he ascends the mental heights,
he starts to consider people, related to
him and to each other. As his mind becomes a little more clear-cut in ability,
he leaves off his consideration of people
and thinks more of ideas and ideals. His
mind essence is actually rarefying.

People do not ascend "mind activity",
or mental levels, all on one level. Some
persons have low spots and some have very
high areas. The genius is not all genius,
but he is rarefying some of his mind

Some of us recognize what has long
been called the "old soul". This is the
person who is swiftly clearing out the
diffusion and its resultant conclusions,
and is learning to arrive at conclusions
more swiftly. This is the man who is ascending from the base of the pyramid very
rapidly, leaving his fellows behind intellectually and ethically.

The lower two-thirds of the pyramid
represents all kinds of material world
experience, and the conclusions about it
by man. In the upper third, there is another division. In the lower part of this
upper division, mind becomes very expert
in handling all factors of self and surroundings -- and handling them efficiently.
This ability speeds faster and faster
with each life-time. Here all the conclusions are gone over, sorted out for
validity, discarded if not valuable, kept
if well related to the activity of mind
itself and man. In the upper part of the
division, nearest the peak of the pyramid, man is again relearning, rearranging the things he knows about what to do
with his former knowledge and experience
in relation to being merely mind with no
materiality clinging to it. When he
reaches the top in ability, mechanics of
mind, etc., out he goes -- and he no longer
is tied to this planet. His choice from
there on is hindered by nothing except
his own decisions.

At the present time, humanity, generally speaking, is still in the lower twothirds of the pyramid -- in real awareness
of self-getting experience. As the centuries go by, man rises a bit out of the
brute stage